Great look at the wrap around cover for IDW’s G.I. Joe #1

Thanks to IDW Editor in Chief Chris Ryall’s Twitter feed, we’ve got a fantastic look at the upcoming wrap around cover for G.I. Joe #1, coming in March, 2013!

This cover is by Jamal Igle and really looks gorgeous.  I’ve been among the folks kind of scratching my head over the lack of military gear on these characters, but I personally have no issues with a more modern, less real world type of uniforms, and this looks like a very cool mash up.

To be honest, I think many of the characters here are giving off just a little bit of a Pursuit of Cobra vibe.  I know that PoC figures had a lot more military elements to it, but think about those cool forearm guards we got on Beachhead, and the strategic armor plating from Destro, Firefly, Dusty, and later version of Duke.  I see some similarities here.

But let’s all face it, uniforms are just on the surface.  I think we can all agree it’s the story that counts, and I’ve got a lot of confidence in Fred Van Lente.  I’m really looking forward to this hitting in March.  Check out the original stuff over on Chris Ryall’s Tumblr page, I’ve also mirrored the images below.

4 thoughts on “Great look at the wrap around cover for IDW’s G.I. Joe #1

  1. It really just looks like a reminder not to bring blades to a gun fight. I might check out the issue in the shop, but this looks like the place I get off the G.I. Joe comic book train again like I did in 1991when it turned into the Ninja show.

  2. I love G. I. Joe. I love super hero teams. I am not sure I love them combined. Of course, I am going to buy the issue and give it a try.

  3. I can say, without reservation, that I hate it.
    They look like a very generic super-hero team.
    I disagree on the “POC” vibe, because one of the distinctions about the POC look was the full-embraced “military-kit” theme. These characters have NO holsters for their side-arms, no scabbards or sheaths for knives or swords, no pouches large enough for ammo mags, none of their weapons have optics……no-one has ANY camouflage scheme to their uniforms.

    Its like they told the artist: ” Okay, you are drawing GIJOE, but you don’t have to research anything that is authentically “military”. All you have to do is draw some guns……”

    This is a perennial bone I have to pick with a comic like GIJOE–as its often very half-assed in terms of art and approach. In the 80’s, finding SpecWar reference was tough, as there was little on the subject. Even in the 90’s it was tricky if you didn’t know where to look, but a slew of publishers appeared with EXCELLENT photo-reference of Special Operations units from all over the world. Today……one is only a couple of key-strokes away from huge amount of reference material, and not just on the uniform, gear and weapons……but on how these folks LOOK when using it. Poses of troopers in all kinds of positions, firing/at-the-ready etc and showing hands gripping the weapons, the wrinkles and folds on clothing.
    Y’know, important artist reference.
    Its not being used here, obviously
    Note the drawing of the Joes? None of them has shouldered their weapon.
    Its a SMALL detail, but a distinct one in terms of authenticating the depicted action. Why go for “authenticity”?? Because authenticity is BELIEVABILITY. If you can believe these guys are acting like “real soldiers” then you can be drawn into their adventures. The old exclamation from readers was that GIJOE was “realistic” ( scoffs) but stuff like this is fluff.
    Its generic, one-size-fits-all comic-book pablum, writ yet again.
    This stuff is arm’s-length, non-committal, “I-don’t-wanna-sweat-the-research, so-let’s-use-lazy-as-the-excuse-to-look-“DIFFERENT”-this-time crap.

    And to quote Mr. Horse: “No sir, I don’t like it”!

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