Latest new G.I. Joe: Retaliation poster features a Channing Tatum sandwich

We’ve seen this poster before…well kind of, anyway.  It was originally revealed as a Brazilian movie poster last year, but has been updated for domestic release, with the addition of the “3D” designation, and the addition of a little Tatum mushed between Snake Eyes and Joe Colton on the top row.

This would certainly lend some credibility to the idea that the film will put a bit more attention on Duke, and likely will not kill him as was initially rumored.  Check out both the original and the new poster below.  Thanks to Entertainment News International for the heads up.

  • GigaMach

    I’m gonna rename my kid Duke. No matter how many times they try to kill him off, Duke just won’t die!

  • Eduardo M.

    Has anyone asked why Jinx is with the Cobra characters?

  • Dosk01

    My thoughts exactly. A pic of Zartan would have been better.

  • kurt_eh

    Cue Renegades video easter egg of Sunbow Duke waking up and it was all a dream.

  • revsears

    I did on another board. Someone theorized it was just for Balance and pointed to the rumor that Storm shadow leaves Cobra in the film so he really should not be there either. I don’t know for sure, but i don’t really like it.