First confirmed receipt of Figure Subscription Service figures by RagingSpoon

And kudos to him for obliging the Club’s request to keep the surprise!  RagingSpoon over on is reporting that he has received his first installment of the Figure Subscription Service figures!

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club requested in the beginning that folks who receive these figures not announce who they are so the surprise can be maintained for others, and RagingSpoon is complying with that request.  However, collectors should start  watching their mailboxes, because they are inbound.

See the thread on

  • Kind of shady for the Club to split the shipment of these. I signed up on day one yet haven’t even gotten a notice yet while others have already received them? They should have sent them all out at once.

    Nothing that has happened with the club/FSS has in any way made me want to renew my membership once the FSS is over.

  • deliman1000

    Well they may have shipped them all on the same day, and if so it will take longer to reach some people, depending how far away from Texas you live.

  • Queen of Yaoi

    Dice and Jinx.

  • Black Dragon

    RaginSpoon lives in Texas, so that might explain why he got his so much earlier.