USA Today features first look at IDW’s G.I. Joe: Special Missions

Good friend of GeneralsJoes and writer for USA Today Brian Truitt took some time to speak with Chuck Dixon, current writer of IDW’s G.I. Joe title, and the guy who is going to be headlining the G.I. Joe: Special Missions title next year.

As the flagship G.I. Joe title retools slightly for a more public face in 2013, the Special Missions title will focus on the more specialized, military operations on a much smaller scale.  With Scarlett and Mainframe as two team leaders, we get a peek at the nitty gritty G.I. Joe world that we all know and love.

Along with this interview, preview pages were also posted, showing a peek into the intial release of Special Missions.  So far we’re looking good!  Check out the USA Today interview right here, and the preview pages below.

G.I. Joe Special Missions First Look

4 thoughts on “USA Today features first look at IDW’s G.I. Joe: Special Missions

  1. Yeah, because Scarlett and Mainframe are so boring together, we have to see more of them… somehow a tech guy ends up being a leader. This just proves once again that Chuck had no plans to have Snake Eyes and Scarlett getting back together and told what SE/SC wanted to hear…

  2. I’m pretty excited about these new books. I got lost in the previous titles with the story and changing titles. I think this reboot could be really fun.

  3. Could not be less interested in this book. Hate the art and Chuck Dixon’s G.I. Joe just has me shaking my head. He’s a good writer but he should not be writing anything Joe-related.

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