If you love G.I. Joe, you need to own the IDW COBRA: The Last Laugh Hardcover

Over the past several years, I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone who isn’t a fan of the IDW Publishing Cobra series.  This landmark comic, kicked off a couple of years ago by Mike Costa, Christos Gage and Antonio Fuso, showed readers that G.I. Joe could get dark and gritty in a way that it really never had before.  The film noir writing and artistic style blended together perfectly with a nearly flawless granular look at a single undercover G.I. Joe agent trapped behind enemy lines.

If Brandon Jerwa brought Chuckles to the public consciousness with his work on the Devils’ Due Frontline book, Costa, Gage, and Fuso permanently etched him into the G.I. Joe mythology, weaving a fascinating and intriguing tale of how a single agent worked his way within the vicious underbelly of Cobra and nearly brought the operation to its knees.

Amazon.com has a pre-order posted for a fantastic looking hardcover, listing December 17th as the release date.  Christos Gage has been pretty public on Twitter, and he suspects these hardcover editions will be under-ordered….so if you even think you might want this book.  Pre-order it.  Click the banner below to grab this great edition at a great price, and support GeneralsJoes.com while you’re at it.  It is currently at a fantastic price as well, saving you nearly $25 off of the cover price!

I also want to personally thank everyone who has purchased something through my Amazon Affiliates link.  It has been a very successful endeavor so far, and I greatly appreciate the support by my readers!

4 thoughts on “If you love G.I. Joe, you need to own the IDW COBRA: The Last Laugh Hardcover

  1. Is there some unique content in this like a writer commentary or concept art gallery or anything?

    The main thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is I’m assuming this story will eventually be included in the upcoming IDW Collection hardcovers as well.

  2. There looks to be concept art. If you look through it on Amazon through the “look inside” bit you can see a couple preview pages of concept art.

  3. I received my copy today. It is a beautiful book. I loved this series from the get-go and getting the entire “Chuckles Saga” in one good looking hardcover is a great thing.

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