Assembly Required 2012 – AVAC’s Lab Terror Drome diorama

I don’t think the pictures even do this thing justice….  I talked about Assembly Required from the Codename: Iowa guys last week, and one of the showcases of that even was, without a doubt, the diorama by customizer/genius AVAC.  He’s famous for his HISS Tank themed and construction vehicle themed customs, but this diorama set totally goes above and beyond.  It’s simply spectacular.

These images were featured on, and the video was shared by the Codename: Iowa Facebook page that really shows the size, scale, and scope of this amazing diorama.

All I can say is I wanna play with this thing!  Just imagine the dio-story potential here… wow.

Check out the images and the embedded video below.  I think this qualifies as a Kick Ass Custom, to be sure.

Don’t forget you can also hit up the Codename: Iowa Goodsmiths store and pick up some of the great exclusive pieces they had for sale at the show.

10 thoughts on “Assembly Required 2012 – AVAC’s Lab Terror Drome diorama

  1. I’m really glad you shared this. I saw thumbnails of a couple of HISS tanks in construction yellow and didn’t click on them. I see I would have missed out on something pretty cool.

  2. Alexx’s reviews have spoiled me on the very thought of Techno-Vipers doing anything useful, so I expect that TD to collapse when someone looks at if funny.

  3. love the tan/yellow techno viper. Bright yellow rarely makes sense for any figure, but it’s used so well here in a logical construction setting. I’d actually like it if the technoviper matched the hiss dump trucks.I’d buy one at retail! it all looks great.

  4. I agree! Those figure repaints were all very cool looking. The Techno, like you said, and I liked the BBQ and HISS Drivers too. Love LOVE the HISS dump trucks and bulldozers. And the double-decker Terror Dome is a brilliant idea! That underground level is great!!

  5. Yes it is, but no it isn’t. I’ve added a lot to it since then. I redid the area behind the mountains. I added more rocky terrain scapes, more vehicles, figures, and dio stuff to it.

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