USA Today features first look at more IDW G.I. Joe details

With IDW’s reconfiguration of their slate of G.I. Joe titles next year, new writer Fred Van Lente has been making the rounds (including a written interview on GeneralsJoes and appearing on Episode 69 of What’s on Joe Mind).  Today, uber-geek Brian Truitt from USA Today posted a terrific look at the new upcoming IDW G.I. Joe title, with the first look at some exclusive cover art.

Along with Steve Kurth’s regular cover we see a spectacular variant cover by Arthur Adams as well as a great looking team shot by Jamal Igle.

We get some more great details about what life is like for this new G.I. Joe team and how the new events impact them.  There are more and more indications that Snake Eyes is at least taking a break from the spotlight here, which I think is a very bold and very cool move.

Check out the article at USA Today, and I’ve mirrored a couple of the variant covers below.  If you like the Baroness art by Arthur Adams, make sure to hit up his website and order the print!  It’s only ten bucks and it looks fantastic.

Big thanks as always to Brian Truitt for continuing to give G.I. Joe some high profile publicity.  Joe fans love ya, Brian.  Make sure you’re following him on Twitter for the latest geek news and intel from USA Today.

7 thoughts on “USA Today features first look at more IDW G.I. Joe details

  1. I’m looking forward to it. If they do bench SE for a bit it will be a very bold move. Personally I think it is the right move for a bit. We all know he will show up eventually.

  2. Steve Kurth’s art has improved DRAMATICALLY since his last run on a Joe book. Combined with Van Lente’s writing, this might be the best G.I. comic we’ve had in years, (after the resurrected ARAH of course).

  3. It’s been Dixon who has completely overused Snake Eyes. He really did nothing with him, he just saw him as a one-note heartless superhuman Ninja killing machine who only thinks of himself which is the completely opposite of how Larry Hama has handled him for the past 30 years.

    With Larry, the character actually has a heart, some depth, had character development and that was shown even more so when he was around someone like Scarlett and not some perfect Mary Sue blonde…

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