ComixVerse interviews IDW’s John Barber about new direction of G.I. Joe

IDW’s change in direction for the G.I. Joe title in 2013 continues to be a hot topic in the G.I. Joe community and the guys over at The Comix Verse have posted a terrific interview with IDW Editor John Barber about what to expect going forward with G.I. Joe.

The interview covers many different bases, and like my talk with Fred Van Lente we find out that this new G.I. Joe team is still very military oriented at their core, and these somewhat flashy uniforms have a distinct purpose within the confines of the G.I. Joe universe.

It’s a great interview, and for folks concerned about the new comic, you should check it out ASAP.

2 thoughts on “ComixVerse interviews IDW’s John Barber about new direction of G.I. Joe

  1. “If you just have the war stuff, you just have a war book. Nothing wrong with that, but G.I. Joe is something different. It’s a war book with a very high-tech edge, mixed with a heady dose of martial arts action… plus a lot of other elements we all love.” Finally somebody else shares my feelings about what G.I. Joe should be!

  2. I completely agree with you. I have never quite understood the “Return Gi Joe to its realistic roots” crowd. The first year of the Marvel comic and the first couple waves of toys were probably the most realistic. During that time you have jet packs, motorcycles with giant machine gun sidecars, two dudes running around in metal masks, and one giant robot that has radio transmitters in its head. I will admit that later waves started getting more sci fi but the number one enduring quality of this property that I love is how it blends realism with future tech. If I wanted space toys I would buy Star Wars and if I want realistic military stuff I would go with the various large scale uber realistic military figures out there. Gi Joe has always brillantly filled a niche that blends the modern with the futuristic.

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