New G.I. Joe: Retaliation International Trailer?

Perhaps someone with keener eyes can tell me if this is truly a “new” trailer or not.  There are some bits I do not remember (specifically the words in between some scenes, and Firefly’s dialogue about hunting)… but it’s been a while.

Regardless, this trailer was posted just yesterday on YouTube and claims to be a new 2013 trailer.  There are not any major new sequences, but hey…  G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer!  GOOO!

6 thoughts on “New G.I. Joe: Retaliation International Trailer?

  1. The political thoughts that can go through one’s mind after Benghazi and the rumors associated with that with how this trailer comes across now are totally different than just a couple months ago.

  2. this seems a little different. i don’t remember all of the dialogue in the earlier ones.

  3. Well, the trailer still invoked the same feelings as before–positive and some excitement for the movie. That’s not changed. The “problem” I have now is if this is JUST a 3D release in my area, I will not go see it. 3D doesn’t play properly in my local theatres–its too dark and murky. If a 2D release happens at the same time, then I’ll gladly go see it, but only if.
    I’m still leery about this film though, and I suspect its got major flaws. We’ll see……

  4. There are several seconds of new footage and dialogue.

    I believe that it will have a 2D and 3D release at the same time.

    yeah after Benghazi this has a whole new meaning.

    I’m still stoked about seeing this film.

  5. It’s not a new trailer, it’s the same international trailer with the same dialogue. This was released back in May when there was a slew of new regional trailers. Great to see interest starting to pick up again though :)

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