G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection Volume 1 in stock at Amazon!

A project that has been listed on Amazon for a while, but with a release date that sort of kept jumping around has been volume 1 of the G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection hardcover series by IDW.  The goal of the series is to reprint every page of every comic from the Marvel era of G.I. Joe…and yes, this includes (for the first time in trade paperback form) the fantastic “Hot Potato” backup story from issue #1 as well as all of the pin ups and dossiers from those issues, too!

Volume 1 contains issues #1 – 12 which collect the absolute essential foundation of the Marvel G.I. Joe universe as we know it.  Dr. Venom, Snake Eyes, Kwinn, the Brainwave Scanner, Billy…it all started right here.

Amazon has this initial volume in stock now at a very reasonable price…and you can rest assured, with these titles being assembled by none other than G.I. Joe uber-fan Mark Bellomo, there is great care and consideration going into them.  Hit up the banner below to buy this title and start your “complete collection” of the Marvel G.I. Joe universe!

9 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection Volume 1 in stock at Amazon!

  1. I know I read somewhere that he was assembling them in “proper reading order” but other than that I haven’t seen much info on these hardcovers. For the price you’d think IDW would be getting the word out there.

    I really hope he isn’t going to try to squeeze Hasbro’s 25th comics in there unless they’re included in the last volume since they don’t really feel of the time frame they’re supposed to fit in. I just don’t think 21 followed by 21.5 would read right since the art/coloring style is so different.

    I do want the Starduster and Battle Corps minis in it though.
    Maybe the Super Trooper offer comic too.

    Also, I want the Transformers mini and G2 crossover included since they are in continuity.

    The European Missions should be left out since they don’t fit cleanly continuity wise. A separate European Missions collection with the Action Force stuff would be cool though.

  2. Awesome, but I’m kinda frustrated that I just bought all the trades of Marvel’s GI Joe. I’da held out if I knew such a solid collection was coming. Oh well. Cool anyway.

  3. I was initially not interested, but if they start throwing in the mini comics etc. I would be! Even if they are just Bonus issues at the ends of the trade, so that they can be clearly taken or left continuity wise.

  4. I got mine today. I’m tying to remember if the HAL pinup page from issue 1 was black and white originally… There are two pinup pages in black and white. Given the effort I’d hope it wasn’t a mistake…

  5. To anyone who’s already purchased this, just curious if these came shrinkwrapped? I know some comic companies shrinkwrap their hardcovers (especially pricey ones). Not sure if IDW does.

  6. it’d be VERY interesting if IDW included those three impossible-to-find Starduster minis and the four Battle Corps pack-in comics as well, no…?


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