Interview with Fred Van Lente opens the book on upcoming IDW G.I. Joe comic

Fred Van Lente was just announced as the new writer of the IDW G.I. Joe comic this past weekend, but already he’s been the focus of an interview on Oh! Entertainment.  It looks as if the interview was done during NYCC and reveals some cool information about what to expect from the title going forward.

Lots of good insight from the new writer and some tidbits for comic fans.

Check out it right here.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Fred Van Lente opens the book on upcoming IDW G.I. Joe comic

  1. Hashtag the GI Joe social media blogger? Ugh, really? I’m not sure I like the direction that this is going…I see too much weird comedy–GI Joe’s have toys in this comic universe How Ironic! No thanks. I appreciated Dixon’s realism/blending of it with sci-fi. This new direction is a little too “real” in all the wrong ways. As a GI Joe fan I’ll give the main run a chance. But it’s already sounding pretty bad in my opinion. Will probably just keep up with Cobra Files.

  2. It’s a strange direction to go in. Another brand new character that we will likely never get a figure of rather than someone we have more ties to? This sounded like the perfect Job for scoop (Hashtag is who I am talking about) I’m also an old fart, and a non twitter user, but Hashtag sounds like a pot reference to me.

    It’s also a little strange the Joes will have toys in the IDW verse, yet the IDW Joes never look like the toys and vice versa.

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