G.I. Joe Kre-O Official Hasbro Press Images

Along with revealing the initial release toys themselves, Hasbro’s awesome stalwart PR agency has also made the images available to websites as well, and I’ve got ’em right here for you.  Broken up into apparent vehicle sets and “single pack” figure sets, I’ve posted two galleries below of official images.

The more I look at these the more I’m thinking that while the sets are pretty neat, the Kre-On mini figures are very cool.  Lots of the aesthetics and the spirit of the old school Joe stuff in mini figure form.  Pretty damn cool.

That being said, still looking forward to Toy Fair.  :)

G.I. Joe Kre-O Vehicle and Playsets

G.I. Joe Kre-O Single Packs (Wave 1)

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19 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Kre-O Official Hasbro Press Images

  1. Wow, I would play with those. Unlike BTR, these initial images obviously feel real familiar, but kind new and exciting at the same time.

    Lots of vehicles that I would like in the 1/18 size. Maybe the best “new scale” or “new form” of Joe to come?

  2. Knee jerk reaction is AWESOME!, but after further review it’s only awesome. The mini-fig market is huge right now so this makes sense on that level, and I have to admit the construct versions of some of the classics works for me

  3. The second I saw Alley-Viper as the first individual figure, I knew that Hasbro knew they had to suck up to the collector’s market a bit to make these work, and I think they’ve got the right idea.

    Then I saw the Quick Kick figure, and I knew that this was the BEST idea.

  4. These things have their fans, but the stuff does nothing for me. I wish it all success, but its just not my bag.

  5. my plan remains mostly the same, buy this now and when my son gets to lego playing age, give him this. The slight change though is that I will want an Adventure Team Commander for myself!

  6. The 9-year-old me is going ape poop over these as his two toy worlds collide. Awesome stuff.

  7. Allow me to assuage: The already-released TF blind packs have printed numbers on the bags that correspond to the figure inside. If Hasbro follows this pattern, it shouldn’t be too bad.

  8. This is amazing. What I love most about Kre-O is that it’s the first Lego-style building toy that approaches Lego’s level of quality.
    But the orange/blue Alley-Viper? My favorite vintage figure with a ridiculous color scheme? Pull the other one, Hasbro.

  9. I am in for a penny and in for a pound on these. This is exactly what I have been saying for years that Hasbro should do, and well, they done it. Nice that they let the QC issues get soaked up by the Transformer line and all the faults from that initial offering are apparently addressed well with the G.I. Joe offerings. This makes perfect sense and I will totally be buying these. Bravo Hasbro.

  10. I hope this does well. Hope it brings new fans into the line. I won’t be buying any of it, but I’m not gonna say “it’s crap” if other Joe fans want it. I am simply not interested in building toys.

  11. Looking very good! Nice sized vehicles and playsets – not too huge, and not too cluttered. The little guys are of course awesome, but I’m a fan of block figures, so I’m biased. Love that they are doing blind bagged guys; I hope they’re as easy to figure out as the Transformers ones! I’m in it for ALL of those, no question. Hell, I’m already considering the whole line so far. LOTS of great choices for vehicles here! I’m mean the Battle Platform alone is already packing you with two classic vehicles and major characters. Usually I feel disappointed that I gotta shell out money for the big sets just to get some guys, but WOW! I think I honestly want everything offered in each of the sets.
    Once again: Very well thought out sets and figure choices! I really feel they are setting off on the right foot.

  12. These are pretty kick ass really. I’m so looking forward to next year, so much great Joe stuff coming.

    I do question the February release though, I don’t know about everyone else but that close after Christmas I’m usually not spending much money on toys or anything non essential really. Wish they could of brought these out before Christmas, got several nephews the right age I could of introduced to the world of GI Joe with this stuff.

    But great stuff nonetheless, once I have my little army of Crimson Guardsmen I really hope wave 2 gives us a Tomax and Xamot with Ferret :)

  13. There’s a lot to like here. Personally, I’m limiting my collection to 3 3’4″, but I don’t begrudge anyone for getting these, and I hope they sell well. Reusing the Battleship designs makes sense from a cost perspective. It even makes me wonder if they didn’t have this concept in the works when designing the Battleship sets. The TTBP is so obviously inspired by the vintage Joe toy; was there something like this in the Battleship movie? I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t.

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