Huge G.I. Joe Kre-O gallery from NYCC Preview Night at

Ruh Roh, Raggy.  I was afraid of this.

Okay, so first images are now flooding in from the New York ComicCon preview night, courtesy of and from what we can tell, looks like the Kre-O stuff is G.I. Joe’s main showing.  While I am a bit disappointed about that…  I’m also feeling like I’m in a little bit of trouble here.

Those Kre-O’s actually look pretty sweet.

I can’t envision buying them all, but I’ll be damned if those aren’t some really imaginative sets there.  Some vintage looking stuff, tons of real vintage-accurate Kre-On mini-figures, but to me, the coolest thing of all is that there are some new concepts built within the Kre-O vehicles themselves.  Mech suits (with a new looking Cobra driver), a nice battleship, what looks to be a playset of sorts, and a bunch of vehicles of various sizes.  I love the Cobra Urban looking vehicle.

Some really imaginative stuff.  I imagine a bunch of this was likely repurposed from other Kre-O sets (particularly that battleship set, which I would imagine came from the Battleship movie Kre-O line).  But really a lot of those Kre-On mini figures are quite cool looking and have a lot of style.

An interesting combination.

Will it be successful?  No idea.  But it does look pretty fun.  I can’t promise I’ll jump into it with both feet, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit intrigued by what they are showing here.  Images are on, and I would expect coming very soon to other sources as well.  When I have some more time, I’ll mirror some pictures and talk a bit more about them.

11 thoughts on “Huge G.I. Joe Kre-O gallery from NYCC Preview Night at

  1. This actually looks pretty cool! Great detail on most of it. I like the vehicle choice, and they did a really good job on the figures. I’ll probably buy at least one set to check it out.

  2. Lookin good so far! Nice sized vehicles, look fun to build, the figures are fantastic, and it looks like they’re building a lot of unique weapons! Really loving the tiny stuff too, like the Trouble Bubble and the SNAKE armor. Lookin’ forward to this stuff!

  3. I hope these do well with the kids and all, but my interest level is just about zero. Might pick up a few of the classic figs, a cobra soldier or two.

    But I can’t believe they couldn’t throw us a bone and at least show a couple new REAL figures.


  4. These little guys will be all over my desk at work :D

    Only disappointment is the lame excuse for a HISS tank

  5. All i wanted was a V.A.M.P. and Clutch but I have to admit a lot of those are disappointingly nice looking, (I’m disappointed because I did NOT want to buy any of this stuff, lol).

  6. What exactly would you expect to see as far as “real” figures go? We’ve already seen pretty much everything there is to see at this point.

  7. That seems like a strange comment… you really think Hasbro has shown us every figure in development for the main 4″ line? These guys work two years out, and had most of their product delayed by a year. So I’m sure they have tons of stuff that is completely prototyped that we haven’t seen. Not that I want or expect to see everything… but it sure would be nice to see a couple more of what’s coming to get us through the drought.

  8. Look at what they HAVE shown us. We’ve seen figures well up into wave 5 of the Retaliation line. That’s well into next Spring if not later. I’d say that’s a pretty generous preview. Besides, they have to save SOMETHING for ToyFair.

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