Weeping in the toy aisles? Don’t forget about Sideshow Collectibles!

I know there has been an obvious G.I. Joe vacuum at retail, but don’t forget…all is not lost in G.I. Joe toy land.  Those great folks over at Sideshow Collectibles still have tons of G.I. Joe products in stock and ready to ship!

Excellent figures like the Crimson Guard, General Hawk, Cobra Viper, Zartan, Rock n Roll, and many other great dioramas and statues are in stock at Sideshow Collectibles, so satisfy your G.I. Joe itch with some 12″ goodness.

Click the banner below to see what they’ve got in stock and use some of that “mad money” for some really cool conversation pieces for your G.I. Joe collection.

G.I. Joe items IN STOCK NOW!

One thought on “Weeping in the toy aisles? Don’t forget about Sideshow Collectibles!

  1. The true irony here is that I have never seen more GI Joe toys in the aisles here where I live than right now….well, except the eighties of course. We have the last two waves of PoC, all the 30th stuff as well as wave 1 of Retalliation. Not even during Rise of Cobra did we have this much GI Joe. This is all at the local Zellers and apparently it’s being shipped to them as Target clears out all their stock.

    So last week I spent over $450 on Joes gaining a pile of troop builders and most of the vehicles. Too bad this store is closing March next year. Then we won’t have even a single toy store in our town. We had seven three years ago. Apparently no one buys toys or electronics anymore as those are all the stores we lost.

    On the bright side I seem to be swimming in Joes right now which is something I haven’t had since the eighties!

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