GeneralsJoes Reviews Marauder “Gun Runners” Series 6!

It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally gathered together my thoughts for the sixth series of Marauder “Gun Runners” fantastic weapons and accessories.  From standard assault rifles to a plethora of modular accessories, grips, and scopes, Series 6 of Marauder’s offerings is simply fantastic.

Check out the full review in my Marauder “Gun Runners” section, or at the direct link below.

10 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Marauder “Gun Runners” Series 6!

  1. Being almost all o-ring myself, I have found some items not as well usable for one style of figure, but fantastic for the other newer style. (The beret from a previous line is one item I can think of off-hand)

    I’m glad you made mention on the M240 (looks good with Rock n Roll) fitting well, it is one item I’m thinking I would like. At the convention in 2005, one of the aspects that I really liked about the initial offerings were the (more or less) ergonomic handles for the figures. (Maybe a recommended figure-style use notation would be useful?)

  2. Just place my first order with MarauderJohn–been meaning to for a while now, but this set and this review gave me the push to do it. Looking forward to seeing and handling these items firsthand.

  3. Marauder John is a great guy and a offers one of the best Joe related products every year at JoeCon. P.S. The scope is on backwards for the M 200 Sniper rifle, the reticle is normally located on the smaller end of the scope.

  4. I love MJ’s guns. A good gun will literally make a figure seem completely different. The modular AK is a fantastic weapon and looks great. They are so good but also inexpensive so outfitting each gun with separate parts.and gluing them in place will work just fine.

  5. I got my first order from ole GUNRUNNERS a month or so ago. I got such a wicked arsenal for 20 bucks plus some great racks to hold em. I’ll be ordering from them again for sure.

  6. Love the site but i have to point out you are misusing the term “clip”. The spring loaded device that you pop into a weapon is a magazine not a clip. A clip is a strip of metal that holds rounds together.

  7. Just one nit-pick, PP Baroness comes with a Bushmaster M17s bullpup rifle not a modded QBZ-95 or QBZ-95-1 which has a new trigger guard.
    And as you mentioned these weapons are big. I actually notice it more with the smaller weapons than with weapons that are supposed to be big. It also bothers me that many figs can’t hold the bullpup style rifles, QBZ-95, AUG, and SA-80 properly. Which sucks, because the actual quality of materials and customer service is awesome. Much better than stuff that is in scale like bbi’s weapons. If I could have Marauder quality in bbi scale I’d be very happy.

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