GeneralsJoes Sideshow September continues … Black Dragon and Ninja Viper!

As I said yesterday, Mysterious Stranger is officially pulling out all of the stops.  Fresh off his great guest review of the 12″ Crimson Guard, we know see the Black Dragon and Ninja Viper 12″ figures!  Being essentially re-decoes of the same figure, Stranger elected to combine both into a single review, but the pictures and words are still great.  Check out my Sideshow Reviews section or hit up the link below.

  • DrSyn

    There is never a bad time for Ninjas. NEVER!

  • agreed. I’m a ninja whore, the more the better!

  • Chris

    Okay, apparently I need to get a proof-reader when I write these while on vacation. There is an error in the Ninja Viper portion. The second head IS a new sculpt and not a reuse of the exclusive Red Ninja head. I fixed it when I wrote it but somehow the correction didn’t save. Apologies for that.