Time is almost up! Last day to sign up for the Collectors’ Club FSS is TODAY!

Quit procrastinating!  If you’ve been on the fence about the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Figure Subscription Service it’s time to get OFF that fence.  Today is the last day you can sign up to receive the 13 FSS figures.  Email from Brian is mirrored below, you have until midnight tonight CENTRAL TIME.

“Hey all you Club Members!

The Figure Subscription Service ends at midnight on September 4th central time.  That’s Tuesday at midnight!  


Go to the club site for the official link.  You can link through the Log In feature or through the news article. 

Thanks for your support!


6 thoughts on “Time is almost up! Last day to sign up for the Collectors’ Club FSS is TODAY!

  1. Part of why I singed up was to encourage a second wave (and to encourage the rumored O-ring and 12 inch subs).

  2. I was very tempted at the last minute, but I had to abstain from subbing. I just don’t have the money. Hopefully I can purchase the 3 or 4 I really want, but I’ll just have to be OK if I can’t. With my wife out of work for a while, my extra spending cash has really dried up.

  3. I signed up because getting the MUST HAVE figures in wave 1 individually might well cost as much as the sub’s total price. LOL Plus, well, I have to support it. Right…?
    At JoeCon the Club said Big Bear, Dragonsky, and Night Force Falcon are supposed to be part of FSS wave 2. I read they didn’t confirm any other characters but those. Really looking forward to finding out who else might be included… and when it might start up.

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