Coil Club reveals second 2012 Coil Con Exclusive – DODGER!

Easily my favorite BattleForce: 2000 character, Dodger has the dubious distinction of being the only member of that ill-fated team to escape the burning oil refinaries of Benzheen.  It always fascinated me to think how that kind of event changes someone in the military, to the point where I made him a key member of my G.I. Joe: Renegades team in my dio-story universe.

As cool a character as Dodger has the potential to be, though, Hasbro has neglected to give him any love in many years.  The guys behind the 2012 Coil Con are changing that, though.  Facing him off against Zilant, the Coil Club now announces Night Force Dodger.

Like Zilant, there is some very creative parts use here, with a modified Renegades Cobra Trooper head sculpt and some great Pursuit of Cobra parts mixed in.  Check out the mirrored image below, and keep watching for the latest details on the Convention, hitting Kokomo Toys September 8th!

9 thoughts on “Coil Club reveals second 2012 Coil Con Exclusive – DODGER!

  1. I don’t care for the Neo Viper legs, but it’s great to see that Duke torso reused; Hasbro can repaint it once a wave and I wouldn’t complain, but since they aren’t using it, huzzah Coil Club! I also like that repainted Trooper head a lot!

  2. Very cool. Yeah, I liked your dio-Dodger exploration. A lone survivor, he had a history to overcome, and I think you dealt with it well. DDP tried the same thing with Flint with more angsty results, which ultimately felt more forced. Pretty cool figure, if not for the Neo-Viper legs. Those need to die in a fire.

  3. Ha! I posted at the same time before I saw your post. Those Neo-Viper legs are the worst.

  4. Finally, Dodger gets some sleeves! That is a creative custom. It would’ve been tempting to cast the original’s microphone to glue on.

  5. I like the figure, too. I wish the Club went this route with the membership figures instead of the 25th/30th. I would start buying them again.

  6. this is an awesome offering. i like the neo viper boots but the upper legs are weak. trooper head looks amazing. wish the colors werent so close to poc wv4 duke’s but whatever. looks really interesting and cool.

  7. by the way i’d love to see this figure in some form like this in the next club sub in the original colors

  8. For some odd reason I had actually thought that a BF2000 box set was coming from the Club this year. Or at least we would get one of the team from the FSS. Nice reason to revisit the dio too.

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