Canadian JoeCon is THIS WEEKEND in Toronto!

Hopefully those of you local to Toronto are already aware of this fact, but those of you who aren’t…

This weekend at the Sheraton in Toronto will be the Canadian JoeCon for 2012!  Featuring a fantastic convention exclusive series of figures, an exclusive comic, some awesome G.I. Joe seminars, and tons of dealers in the dealer room, this is a destination place for all Joe fans North (and South) of the border.  IDW artist Robert Atkins will be there, as will G.I. Joe authors Mark Bellomo and James Kavanaugh, Jr.  The guys from JoeDeclassified will also have a booth and a panel.

Check out all of the details at, but more importantly, BE THERE.

2 thoughts on “Canadian JoeCon is THIS WEEKEND in Toronto!

  1. So am I correct in remembering that these aren’t factory painted? Are they painted by hand?

    Do they get the parts from Hasbro or is this more of a customized set of figures?

    The last two are very cool looking… the rest don’t do much for me.

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