G.I. Joe: Retaliation Sgt. Airborne images on Toyverse

The guys over at ToyVerse.com have gotten their hands on the upcoming 3-Pack Agt. Airborne from the G.I. Joe: Retaliation line and have posted some great pictures of the figure.  It’s awesome finally seeing some great close ups of that Data-Viper tooling and the figure really looks fantastic.

Kudos to ToyVerse for getting this sample in hand and providing some great pictures.  I mirrored just a couple of images below, make sure to check out ToyVerse themselves for the rest of the images and the write up.

  • Going to have to try to hunt down a spare 25th Airborne head, I think…

  • Neon Viper

    I can’t see the ankle articulation, is it there? Man, those articulation issues have become a creeping terror for me…

  • DrSyn

    Yeah it’s there, regular flavour instead of the newer style seen on the Renegades Scarlett and Marvel universe.

  • Jester

    And “ultimate” Snake Eyes, as well as the Retaliation Joe Trooper and most of the screen-accurate movie Joes, seemingly.

  • Jester

    That head looks REALLY awkward. Like, “worse than Cobra Shock Trooper” awkward…

  • James

    Hello FreeFall :)

  • Erik

    Not surprising considering this figure was tooled before Retaliation and it’s articulation cutbacks.

  • Patrick Stewart

    I also have one in hand. This figure has THE BEST wrist articulation I have seen. When pointed forward, you can’t see the joints. But they bend just as well and don’t look bulky like some of the previous wrists with added articulation. Hasbro really seemed to work hard perfecting it.