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G.I. Joe Field Manual is IN STOCK at AMAZON!

I’ve been talking it up for a long time, and now is your chance to own it!  By Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster, the G.I. Joe Field Manual is a look into the background of the Sunbow animated series that most of us have never seen before.  Storyboards, details, artwork, all sorts of excellent tidbits from the 80’s animated series that brought most of us into this hobby to begin with.

Do not miss your chance to own this piece of history.  Click the banner below to buy the Field Manual at the awesome price of $10.74.  Worth every penny.

Another G.I. Joe Collectors Club “Did you Know?” article… FSS Barrel Roll!

I can’t help but renew my (minor) disappointment with this figure as the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club gives us a very nice in depth look at the Barrel Roll character on  Their first two figures were Quarrel and TNT, both International exclusives that some newer domestic fans might not be real familiar with.

Barrel Roll was a character released in 2003 originally, and I’m sure there are some modern era specific fans who don’t know who he is, and this article provides some awesome insight, as well as some great new images of the upcoming Figure Subscription Service figure.  I’m happy to see that the helmet fits much better here than it did in the DTC days (or in earlier pictures).

All of that being said, the figure is cool enough that I’m almost even more disappointed that he ended up in his desert deco instead of the much more established blue and gray.  I think the same exact figure in some slightly tweaked colors would have made me infinitely more happy.  That being said, the figure still looks really nice and has some very cool elements.

Check out the article on and don’t forget, deadline for signing up for the FSS is September 4th!!  Don’t miss your chance.

Surprise! Unexpected 12″ Adventure Team “Stealth Infiltration” at GIJoeClub store

The following email comes from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club with a reminder about the deadline for the Figure Subscription Service, and also a very cool, unexpected surprise for 12″ fans out there in the form of a new Stealth Infiltration 12″ Adventure Team member!  Full details are in the email below, and I’ve mirrored an image of the figure.  Hit up the Club Store to check him out.

“Hello all you G.I. Joe Fans!

The Figure Subscription Service ends at midnight on September 4th central time.  DON’T MISS OUT!  Go to the club site for the official link.

For you 12″ collectors…we have put a new figure in the club store that we were able to put together to give you a new exclusive.  There are not very many of them…

Adventure Team – Stealth Infiltration 12″ Action Figure with accessories!

In the tradition of the “Backyard Patrol” sets for the 1970s, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club is pleased to offer this VERY limited 12″ Adventure Team figure!

The hard hand vintage styled figure will have either blonde or brown flocked hair & beard (shipped randomly) and will arrive fully dressed, packed in a poly bag with a full color header card.

Adventure Team 12″ Figure comes with: Adventure Team Dog Tag, Camo Fatigues, Short Black Boots, Shoulder Holster, Revolver, Mission Vest with AT insignia, Rappelling Harness, Rope, Grappling Hook and Sub Machine Gun.

At a special price, this Club exclusive won’t last long. Head over to the Club online store and order yours TODAY!  Limit of 2 per member.

Go to the Club store.

Thanks for your support!


Episode 65 of What’s on Joe Mind featuring IDW artist SL Gallant is online!

It’s running a few weeks late due to those pesky real life issues, but Gary was able to muddle through events of his high-paying IT career over the past few weeks and dedicate his valuable time to editing the latest episode of What’s on Joe Mind, and it is now online in it’s month-late glory!

Rejoice to the latest news from July…look forward (back?) to Canadian JoeCon, and celebrate a raucous Arbor Day with IDW G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero artist SL Gallant!  As always, you can listen to the latest episode on, or hit up the embedded players below.  Show notes are posted after the jump.


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G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals back story for TNT – 6 days left for FSS!

Like they did with Quarrel last week, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has revealed some past history for TNT, who started his career as an Argentinian Blowtorch repaint.  While I’m not really a fan of the 25th Anniversary Blowtorch figure at all, the color scheme for this figure is just bright enough to make me smile and think back to the glory days of the 90’s.

You can check out the Club’s article on TNT right here, and keep in mind there are only SIX DAYS left to sign up for the Figure Subscription Service.  The below email comes courtesy of the G.I. Joe Collectors Club as well:

Hello all you G.I. Joe Fans!

The Figure Subscription Service ends at midnight on September 4th central time.  DON’T MISS OUT!  Go to the club site for the official link.

Please note that if you are checking your FSS order, you do this at the FSS site NOT the club store. The two systems are independent even though they are able to use your same login and passwords.

NOTE ABOUT SINGLE FIGURES:  There will not be a large quantity of single figures ordered for the club store so if you are interested in most of the figures offered, we recommend that you subscribe and sell the items you are not interested in to others.  This will ensure that you receive the figures that you really want.

If you log in to check your order(s) (click My Account at the bottom after you log in), and you are not seeing your invoice or emails, please drop us an email using the link at the bottom of the My Account page and we will have your file reconstructed.  Your invoices are in the system but there are a few accounts that are not displaying correctly.  After the subscription period ends, we will only send out emails to the FSS subscribers concerning shipping/billing updates and all of those emails will appear in your My Account.

Thanks for your patience and support of this new system.


1. You must be a member of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club to take advantage of the Figure Subscription Service.

2. This is a build to order system.  We will build as many as you order, so we cannot run out.  YOU CAN ORDER AS MANY AS YOU WANT, there is no limit.

3. What you do need to be concerned about is the closing date of the subscription service, which ENDS on September 4th at midnight.

4. You can either pay In Full or by Installment.  There will be 3 installments.  When you subscribe and choose pay by Installment, you will be billed for the first two months’ shipments.  Then sometime during the second month, you will be billed for the 3rd and 4th months’ shipments and sometime during the 4th month you will be billed for the final 2 months’ shipments.

5. Your free surprise 13th figure will come with your final shipment during the 6th month.

6. The figures will be shipped in random order. All members receive the same figures each month.  The figure pairings will not be preannounced.  So if you don’t mind, when you get your shipment each month, PLEASE do not go online and tell what you received. We want each shipment to be a surprise for as many members as possible.

7. The cost is $294 if Paid In Full (plus shipping) or three Installments of $98 (plus shipping).  Please note that there is a $3 online processing fee for each billing. We take Visa, Discover or MasterCard.  Unfortunately we cannot accept Money Orders or Checks for this offer.

8. If you pick a shipping service that does not include insurance or if you don’t pick the insurance, we do not have any responsibility for replacement of lost or damaged or misdirected orders.

9. If you move or need to change your credit card during the program, you can log into your account at the FSS and change it there.  This will change all of your future FSS billings and shipments.  We will also be sending you reminders to check your address and cc before each billing/shipment goes out.  We are not responsible for shipments that are lost due to incorrect shipping information on file.

10. We are waiting on the final schedule from China so we don’t know exactly when the first figures will ship.  We hope it will be by Christmas. We will announce this as soon as we get the final schedule.

11. Some of the figures (single figures) MAY be available in the Club Store after the subscriber’s figures ship. These will be at a price of $32 per figure.  There is no guarantee of availability of any of the figures in the club store. If you want to ensure getting these limited edition figures, you need to subscribe to the service.  The single figures will be very limited.

Previews of IDW Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and Field Manual

Hey, here’s a pleasant surprise.  I was looking for the previews for new comics hitting Wednesday this week, and look at that!  Jim Sorenson’s highly anticipated G.I. Joe: Field Manual has a preview!  According to this book will hit September 11th, and I am really looking forward to checking it out.

Amazon is having an amazing sale on the book right now, too.  Only $10.74, so pre-order that baby using the image link below.

G.I. Joe: Field Manual

Jim Sorenson & Bill Forster  (w) • Various (a) • Bill Forster (c)

Relive your favorite memories of the classic G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero cartoon with the G.I. Joe Field Manual, Volume One—an amazing archive of beautiful animation models. From Roadblock to Zartan, from the Skystriker to the H.I.S.S. Tank, from the Weather Dominator to the U.S.S. Flagg, all of your favorite characters, vehicles, and world conquering devices are present in this amazing volume. Thrill to never-before-published production artwork and behind-the-scenes designs that made the classic 80’s Joe cartoon so memorable.

TPB • BW • $19.99 • 208 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN 978-1-61377-350-5

Bullet points:

  • Compiled and presented by the team behind Transformers: The Ark
  • With over a thousand images from the first sixty five episodes of G.I. Joe and a new foreword from lead designer and comic-book legend Russ Heath.

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #16

Chuck Dixon (w) • Robert Atkins (a) • Andrea Di Vito (c)

SERPENT’S SHADOW concludes here in the lair of the COBRA Commander! Snake Eyes, Storm shadow and the murderous Rika must free themselves from a trap set by the Commander in the only way they know how—KILL their way out! Will Snake Eyes show his hand and reveal his betrayal of the Arashikage or play this round out to the end?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant covers:

Lee Ferguson & Sal Buscema cover!

Bullet Points:

  • Non-stop ninja and commando action!
  • Featuring the key villain from G.I. JOE: RETALIATION!

Relive your favorite vintage G.I. Joe figures… in 3D!

Wow, this is very cool.

With the online G.I. Joe community being around for so long, it’s not often that something truly revolutionary emerges.  Well, it has here.  Got word via Twitter from CarsonMataxis about a new G.I. Joe fansite on the web…

The site features fully three dimensional galleries of figures and vehicles from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.  So far it’s just 1982, but it is a pretty amazing and cool experience.

Here’s hoping to continues driving forward.  I can’t wait to see some awesome 1993 Battle Corps neon in 3D on my computer screen!  Check it out right here.

Coil Club reveals second 2012 Coil Con Exclusive – DODGER!

Easily my favorite BattleForce: 2000 character, Dodger has the dubious distinction of being the only member of that ill-fated team to escape the burning oil refinaries of Benzheen.  It always fascinated me to think how that kind of event changes someone in the military, to the point where I made him a key member of my G.I. Joe: Renegades team in my dio-story universe.

As cool a character as Dodger has the potential to be, though, Hasbro has neglected to give him any love in many years.  The guys behind the 2012 Coil Con are changing that, though.  Facing him off against Zilant, the Coil Club now announces Night Force Dodger.

Like Zilant, there is some very creative parts use here, with a modified Renegades Cobra Trooper head sculpt and some great Pursuit of Cobra parts mixed in.  Check out the mirrored image below, and keep watching for the latest details on the Convention, hitting Kokomo Toys September 8th!

New from SmallJoes – * New Marvel + 1:18, 1:32, and 1:6 scale figures *

* * * * * * * * * [ SMALLJOES.COM NEWSLETTER ] * * * * * * * * * *

Hi all!  Please find enclosed some news and new product updates from us here
at SMALLJOES.COM.  Also, remember to check us out and Like us on Facebook
where you can see periodic mini-updates about new products and sales, all
without having to read a bulky newsletter!


With the GI JOE: Retaliation movie being pushed back it has been a slow year
for GI JOE 3 3/4″ toy products.  We actually aren’t expecting anything truly
new until the first quarter of next year.   In the meantime, we have been
working to keep a good, stocked selection of GI JOE 25th Anniversary and
Rise of Cobra product.  Be sure to view our latest listings in those

All of the latest GI JOE regular monthly comics as well as limited series and
one-shots are available.  IDW is currently printing four ongoing titles:
GI JOE, Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow, Cobra, and A Real American Hero.  There
are a variety of 99 cents sale comics kicking around in most of the GI JOE
comic menu categories so dig through and see what you can find a killer deal

We have some new listings for items exclusive to the GI JOE 2012 Collector’s
Convention.  All of the attendee premiums and packages sold out so be sure to
track down what you want before it disappears forever into private

GI JOE t-shirts are all on sale.  These are some older designs that aren’t
available elsewhere.  We don’t have many left and have these set to very low
prices to blow them out of the warehouse for good.  We have a lot of adult
small and medium.  These are good sizes for kids and teens (hint – gift idea!).


We continue to main a very large selection of Marvel Universe 3.75″ action
figures from Hasbro.  The last assortment featuring Beast, Beta Ray Bill,
Kraven the Hunter, Spider-Man Unlimited, and New Incredible Hulk sold through
but they are available for pre-order again for an early September arrival.

The newest assortment featuring Kang, She-Hulk, Shattered Dimension
Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, and a new Punisher figure are due in a couple of
days.  Get your pre-orders in now.


A lot of new 1:32 scale Forces of Valor WW2-era die-cast models have been
released in the last few months and we now have them all listed for sale.
Be sure to check out the relevant sections for a variety of new German and
U.S. armor and vehicles as well as some new color schemes for old favorites.
More items coming next month too!

Two new assortments of modern Marines and Army in 1:18 scale coming tomorrow,
August 27th!


We’re pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the new-release F-18
aircraft VFA-86 Sidewinders.  Pre-orders are expected to begin shipping
on August 27th.  We will also have a few new 1:18 scale Elite Force
figures listed in conjuction with this arrival.


In the months since our last newsletter a variety of modern-era 1:6 scale
military figures have come into stock from popular brands like Soldier Story,
Toys City, Crazy Dummy, and DAM.  These are some high-end, ultra detailed
collectibles that will be the proud centerpiece of any authentic military
figure collection.  Take a look at what we have to offer at very competitive
prices in the 1:6 scale category.


Take a look at our clearance aisle for ultra-low pricing on items we want to
move out of the warehouse.  We have all kinds of stuff in here including
comics, GI JOE 25th Anniversary, Marvel, Star Wars, T-shirts, and also
recently added some Dragon 1:6 scale figures at super-discounted pricing.

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