Insightful look into toy design and production courtesy of The Hero Project

Whether or not you’ve supported The Hero Project on Kickstarter, it’s pretty inarguable that their interaction with the public has provided some terrific enlightenment into the world of toy design and production.  They came on What’s on Joe Mind and spoke about it, and have also provided numerous updates via their Kickstarter page and through emails.

The latest update is no exception, which has also been mirrored to their Tumblr where they talk about the thought processes and work gone into conceptualizing, designing, and hopefully manufacturing Rama, their first offering in the Hero Project.

Definitely check it out right here, you won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “Insightful look into toy design and production courtesy of The Hero Project

  1. I’m actually waiting on my paycheck I want to support this. As a “starving artist” I been in the situation where a certain project never sheds light because of money.

    Also this is a great concept which is original, stylish an ambitious. One of my biggest regrets was selling my Sigma 6 Collection. Now I’m stock with the 25th Anniversary line and POC figures. I should have keep my Sigma 6 without a doubt to me it was the best innovative modern GIjoe line ever.

    Plus that Rama figure looks sweet and I really want to see the Monkey King figure.

  2. I really enjoyed their appearance on the podcast, but I’m curious as to why the vibe seemed to be so positve and future oriented from them when they’re over $100,000 shy of the kickstarter goal. Is there some other funding in the wings that will allow this off the ground?

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