By popular demand… the write in answers from Concept Case Survey Round One

A huge thanks has to go out to too many people to mention here…I put out a request for some Excel help last week in order to try and decipher the hundreds of write in’s that were supplied in Round One of the Concept Case survey.

I got almost two dozen offers of assistance, which absolutely blew me away.  Matt from the Awesome Toy Blog did some great formatting and data gathering…  ImpHolocron on Twitter came through as well…  in the end, though, my man Trazz from took all of the intel together and compiled a pair of insane spreadsheets.

Who ever thought anyone would use the term “insane spreadsheets” to describe anything?

Trazz not only compiled a spreadsheet for figures and for vehicles, but actually charted the responses to measure a ratio of the most requested figures and vehicles via write in votes.  Crazy.

I’ve attached the two spreadsheets here.  The spreadsheets have multiple tabs, including a tab which has every single write in vote, but then also some compiled answers as well.  The figures chart absolutely blew me away, showing that aside from Cobra “Viper” troopers of various ilk, Gung Ho seems to be far away the most requested character.  That comes as no surprise.

Feel free to download the spreadsheets from this post and peruse them at your leisure.  Excellent insight.  Keep in mind that this isn’t anything that was fully analyzed by teams of professionals…it was essentially two guys (Trazz and myself, but mostly Trazz) who gathered this together and formatted it.  I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it is very cool, nonetheless.

I cannot thank the numerous volunteers enough for pitching in with offers to help.  Thank you ALL.

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15 thoughts on “By popular demand… the write in answers from Concept Case Survey Round One

  1. I get most of the write-ins but how in the world did Cobra Commander get so many considering how many versions have been released. I guess I understand the desire for a mass released Covergirl but I didn’t think she’d rank that high considering the Club offerings.

  2. I imagine it’s a conglomeration of the different alternate style cobra commanders people want to see that we haven’t gotten yet. I know I’d like to see a v4 Cobra Commander.

  3. It was indeed VERY nice to see pople helping this way with such a huge data. People that gives the brand the love that it deserves! But I think I’m missing somethin OR I did not understant so well these spreadsheests, as I can see some inconsistences. In example, Mutt had more than 70 votes and did not made the top graphic.

  4. As soon as we get that Kwinn (it’s gotta be coming), isn’t it about time for a Billy figure. I know a lot of people don’t even like the concept of Billy, but he’s a big enough character he should show up. Heck, all you need is a Storm Shadow figure with a new head. But I would suppose he would work best as part of some kind of set. Maybe some kind of ninja set? Billy with Hard Master, Blind Master and Soft Master or something.

  5. I’d like to point out a small error in the summary formula. It assumes that “Rock n Roll” is spelled “Rock and Roll” – there’s actually 128 requests for “rock” and “roll” if you filter on those two words. Didn’t check the other summaries – just the one I voted for. :)

  6. Looks like a lot of people want the IDW Krake version and several wanted a movie accurate Retaliation version. Since we are bound to get more of him, it would be nice if hasbro would give us the ones we are most interested in at least.

  7. I am loving the high numbers on Gung-Ho and Bombstrike (I still prefer calling her bombshell as she was originally listed as) Gung-Ho’s numbers shows he simply hasn’t been given a good figure in years and Hasbro has had a hard time figuring out what to do with him. Bombstrike shows we still want more female figures, and we haven’t forgotten about the JVC days, there were plenty of requests for JVC/DDP characters in the raw data and I thought that was great.

  8. Thanks so much for getting these up here and to all who helped!

    It would be great if this could become something done on an annual basis.

  9. I want the one they showed with a zombie head, but “unzombiefied”! We need a great standard CC bad, and the sculpt on that figure was amazing!

  10. Wouldn’t it have just made much more sense with the summarization of these polls, not to mention making them 100 times easier to read and grasp at a glance, to simply make ONE name listing for the multiple entry characters and then out from it how many votes/requests each got? Probably could have cut these massive spreadsheet listings in half or better. Guys with variant version requests, such as Rock ‘n’ Roll/Gung Ho/Cobra Commander etc., could then be broken down in parenthesis beside the names, in descending order of which items got the most to least votes.

    For example (and these are just made up numbers):


    30th COVER GIRL (2 versions) 1,200 votes
    30th PYTHONA 900 votes
    30th/PoC BOMBSTRIKE 84 votes
    30th/PoC COBRA COMMANDER (53 versions) 82 votes
    30th/PoC/Renegades LADY JAYE (3 versions) 45 votes
    30th/PoC Sgt. SLAUGHTER (4 versions) 30 votes
    30th/PoC SERPENTOR (3 versions) 12 votes


    ZARTAN’s HOLO-COPTER (30th) 1,100 votes
    TOMAHAWK (30th) 175 votes
    NIGHTRAVEN (30th) 167 votes
    KILLER WHALE (30th) 80 votes
    COBRA TRANSPORT COPTER (30th) 20 votes
    DEVILFISH (30th/PoC) 23 votes
    C-130/ANTONOV Transport Planes (30th/PoC) 5 votes

    and so on…

    That would have just been so much simpler for everyone involved, not to mention those trying to read through that massive list. 57/58 pages for BOTH of those lists would have been insane, much less just for “each” of them.

    Now I realize the lists would still be fairly huge given that 1,100-1,200 fans voted and wrote in their own special little things [Like (No disrespect or anything) “Tex” from the boards?! Who is he to get his own figure? I don’t recall him being in the comics or cartoons anywhere to get his own figure before Wong from the Oktober Guard or Cadet Deming or hell, even “The Viper” for that matter.] Yeah, sure, some of that stuff would be cool to have, but I think we all know stuff that is too far off the grid, like Head Wound SHIPWRECK and MARA, just won’t ever happen outside of custom jobs or some wierd GIJCC Exclusive for $100 a pop. Not to bag on anyone’s dreams or anything, since I wrote in WONG myself (and it is doubtful he’ll ever get an official Hasbro figure outside a Club Exclusive offering), but at least he is an actual character with at least a remote shot of seeing daylight one day (in light of the OG set this year and possible Dragonsky exclusive next year…), but I digress…

    All the specialized groupings, such as the 12″ and requests for 3 3/4″ Original Action Team Joes and so forth are definitely going to eat up some space, but there again, if they aren’t getting tons of votes for those individual items, then just list them out and just put the total votes for that particular genre beside the heading. Same thing for the Action Man, Red Shadows, and so forth.

    One name with X votes would have just saved sooo much space over all, is what I am getting at, rather than listing out every single name of every character, vehicle and concept a dozen times. It was done with “X”-VIPER, HEAT VIPER, FRAG-Viper etc., so why not the rest? Like I said, would have made life much easier for everyone. To be honest, I stopped even reading after the first 3 pages of stuff on the first list, scrolled down to like page 20 and couldn’t even read the second list at all. Therefore, I have NO idea where the TOMAHAWK even fell in the rankings of that list, nor the time to try and cipher through it to see, unfortunately.

    I definitely appreciate the effort and apparent excitement of everyone involved with that whole compilation of the data and all of that, so kudos to everyone. That being said, some sort of condensed list would certainly be appreciated if anyone is up for that job.

  11. Guessing you must have missed the part where I said I stopped reading after the first 3 pages and where I said I didn’t have the time to cipher through it all, or the part where I said it would be appreciated if anyone (else…implied, obviously) were up for the job (of condensing it down to a more manageable state)?

    I guess the real question is, do you feel you have to be a smart@$$ and make some one-line jibe at me after I post, just because I have an opinion and you have some free time? If so, perhaps you need a new hobby or could simply put that extra energy to use somewhere else away from me, thank you very much.

    However, if you intend to continue harrassing me for whatever reason, just let me know now so I can go ahead and take the necessary actions to have it dealt with via offical channels and be done with it. Otherwise, keep your sniping little barbs to yourself and we’ll be just fine. Thanks much.

    Justin, in the interest of keeping peace on your site, feel free to simply delete any or all of my posts you wish, if certain individuals choose to turn the thread into a battle ground beyond this posting. I don’t think there was anything wrong with my comments above, that warranted Gary here to interject the attitude (which was clearly intended based on his comments in another thread…). I offered a suggestion and provided illustrative examples of what I was referring to, with my inquiry. I don’t see anywhere in my post that I attacked anyone or made any derogatory comments either. On the contrary, if anyone would go back and read that last paragraph, I clearly extended my appreciation for all the work and efforts of those involved, etc., and offered kudos for said work.

    It is clear that none of my thoughts can be expressed without some snyde response, for some reason, whether controversial or just in general. So I guess not everyone’s thoughts and opinions have to be respected on here, only certain people have that luxury? Had Gary gone through the list and first assessed it and then responded with an intelligent and figure based answer that showed my suggestion would fare no better when compiled in such a manner, WITHOUT being curt about it, that would have been acceptable. As it stands, there was no reason for him to say anything at all, particularly since it was really more directed towards you (Justin) or any of the guys who helped you compile everything to offer an answer, and not to initiate discussion beyond that pont.

    As I said Justin, out of respect for maintaining peaceable interaction on your site, feel free to remove anything you want of my postings if you think that will preclude further issues and prevent unnecessarily heated diatribes beyond this point. Thanks for your time and apologies for the inconvenience.

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