Any Excel Guru’s in the house? Help requested with Survey Analysis

I’ve been getting a lot of questions privately and in the comments about analysis for the Concept Case survey when it comes to the “Write In” section.  Unfortunately as it stands, in order for Survey Monkey to perform a proper text analysis, I have to be on their “Gold” level platform, which you can only do by signing an annual contract to the tune of $300.

Now, I love getting this data together as much as the next guy, but I can’t swing that.  But what I can do is take all of the individual responses and copy and paste them to an Excel spreadsheet.  The only issue with that is it also gathers some other extraneous text as well.  In the interest of trying to gather as consistent data as possible, I would love some assistance with the following:

  • Deleting every other row in an Excel spreadsheet.  Any formula writers out there?
  • Comparing the write in entries to gather consistent numbers

This is not a small task.  If you think about the fact that 1200 people took this survey, and there were 10 different write in sections (5 for figures, 5 for vehicles) you can appreciate how much data this is.

Granted, not everyone filled in all of the write ins, so that lessens the numbers a bit, but there is a lot of data there.

Anyone out there willing to assist?  I think this could be a great community-building project.  Either comment on this thread with some contact info, or drop me an email – justin AT generalsjoes DOT com and maybe we can all work together to get this data out to the community.

Thanks in advance!  Round Two preparation is under way.

4 thoughts on “Any Excel Guru’s in the house? Help requested with Survey Analysis

  1. I work with large excel sheets every day at my “real” job. I don’t know if I’d qualify as an expert, but I’ve picked up some handy tricks in the last five years. My email is masonp83 at

  2. you could add an Autofilter to the sheet, and then filter by “blanks” to remove the blank rows.

  3. I have some Excel skills, but it sounds like you have some good advice and offers below. Filtering really works well, and doesn’t take much time. Feel free to send me the sheet and brief description of what you want adjusted and I can give it a try.

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