Concept Case Survey Round One Results – and where do we go from here?

Well, I actually cheated a little bit and instead of closing down the Concept Case survey last night, I did it at about 5:30 am this morning.  I was very pleased to see people were placing votes all the way until the end, as the last survey completed was at around 3:00am.

The response to this survey has been frankly overwhelming.  Everyone has been very positive and very enthusiastic about the results and the potential for data gathering for Hasbro.  While there is certainly no guarantees that anything here will impact any decisions Hasbro is going to make, they encouraged us at JoeCon to get whatever data we could, and G.I. Joe fans should be proud, you guys delivered!

There were nearly 1200 responses, which is quite impressive, and the fans have spoken.  I am going to outline the winners of Round One below, and you will see a wealth of charts and graphs screen capped as well, just to prove the results weren’t skewed in any way.

30th Anniversary Top 10

  1. Kwinn
  2. Flint
  3. Hit & Run
  4. Lady Jaye
  5. Crimson Guard Immortal
  6. HEAT Viper
  7. Cobra Eel
  8. Beachhead
  9. Cobra Officer
  10. Crimson Shadow Guard

Pursuit of Cobra Top 10

  1. Data-Viper
  2. Clutch
  3. Echo Faction Trooper
  4. Dreadnok KAOS Crew
  5. Cobra Infantry
  6. Zartan
  7. Heavy Alley-Viper
  8. Raven’s Wing
  9. NOMaD Warrior
  10. HISS Driver

Zombie Invasion & Legends of the Arashikage

  1. Ghost Ninja Henchman
  2. Dark Ninja Master
  3. Zombie Cobra Commander
  4. Beast Ninja
  5. Toxo-Zombie
  6. Red Ninja Dice
  7. Ninja Warrior Monk
  8. Zombie Cobra Viper
  9. Gold Ninja
  10. Urban Ninja

There were also (obviously) results for the G.I. Joe: Renegades and vehicles as well, and I mirrored images of the survey results on those below.  I figured the figures from the three main sections was the most important.

Now…where do we go from here?  I think an important next step is to take the winners of each section and face them off against each other.  They’ve all been compared within the confines of their own subline, but I think the next important step is to cull more wheat and refine the results even further.

For folks who have been following along…what would you rather see?  The Top 5 from each section face off, or the Top 10?  Would a Round two survey with 15 – 20 quick and easy choices be a better idea, or broadening the scope a bit?  Leave me comments in the comment section with your choices.

Take a peek at the images below to get a great breakdown of each section of the poll, and most importantly THANK YOU ALL for your contributions.  This has been a terrific community-building experience.


  • I’d like to see the Top 10 from each section face off.

  • How many times did you vote for Hit N Run, Justin??? JK :-)

  • MaroonTyphoon

    Would there be any way to see the top results of the figure and vehicle write-in questions?

    As for the next step, I think the top 5 from each category would be good enough. Great job on this, Justin.

  • Hawkwinter

    Top 5 from each category, no need to drag this out for all eternity.

    Though in truth I highly doubt any of the zombie/ninja figures will survive a face-off against the 30th/PoC figures.

  • Night Fox

    Top 10 for me too. What about the free choice figures and vehicles results?

  • Zadok Rox

    Top 5 from each section faceoff.

  • Burg

    Top 10 from all sections, there’s good ones in each batch :)

    I too would like to see the free choice and vehicles picks when you get a chance.

    Thanks Justin, you rock!

  • Laser Viper and Snow Serpent didn’t make the Top 10? unbelievable… :/

  • GeneralsJoes

    The issues with the write ins is that apparently you need an upper level tier in Survey Monkey (to the tune of $300) to do text-based analysis. I can still comb through all individual responses to get a consensus, but I will not have anything straight forward, at least not any time soon.

  • GeneralsJoes

    The issues with the write ins is that apparently you need an upper level tier in Survey Monkey (to the tune of $300) to do text-based analysis. I can still comb through all individual responses to get a consensus, but I will not have anything straight forward, at least not any time soon.

  • GeneralsJoes

    The issues with the write ins is that apparently you need an upper level tier in Survey Monkey (to the tune of $300) to do text-based analysis. I can still comb through all individual responses to get a consensus, but I will not have anything straight forward, at least not any time soon.

  • Votekwinn2012

    Thanks to all those who voted Kwinn!

  • I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if people realized that that Crimson Guard Immortal is based on the Retaliation Paratrooper and has single jointed knees and no ankles. And he made the top five! What the heck?

  • Shogi

    So why are all but the “Which line are you most interested in” charts backwards? Is it because they are based on the average number that each figure was placed in? (IE: Kwinn was most voted 1st therefore has a smaller chart line)

  • GeneralsJoes

    The normal lists are all based on ratings where lower numbers = better. The “which line are you most interested in” is just based on number of clicks, where the larger number = better.

  • Red Sox

    Dang, Laser-Viper juuust missed top ten. :( I had him ranked in my top 3.

    Thank you again Justin for putting the time, money, and effort behind this. You earned that SDCC HISS :-P

  • Erik

    Yeah, I’m disappointed too. I’d rather have a Laser Viper than yet another Beachhead and while I don’t think we need another Snow Serpent, it would at least get that tooling out in retail. I will always choose something new anyday over something we’ve already gotten already in some form.

  • dragongravy

    the number are pretty interesting; i sure hope hasbro pays attention to the results.

  • Revsears

    It didn’t rank for me, but if i remember right he wasn’t on the bottom, if i had realized that, he would have been !

  • Revsears

    I’d say just go top 5 of each for the next round. It might also be fun to see where these items rank in a free for all for everything (yes i am betting the ninjas and zombies get buried but it might provide another angle creating a more balanced perspective overall)

    A couple of the figures surprised me, the biggest was the dreadnok army builder who i felt both looked awful and was a terrible idea.

  • Apparently not enough! Kwinn FTW!

  • pluv

    This had a great turn out. I look at some of them like the people who get cut early from American Idol, they might have been better but they are just also runs compared to Kwinn, Data Viper, and Hit n Run. In other words, clutter that the next round will clean out anyway.

  • WJWitherspoon

    Instead of pitting the winner from the subsections against each other, I think you should have a giant “battle royal” of all the items in the survey. For me, there were lower-rated items from one subsection that would have been more highly-rated than the highest-rated items of another subsection. For example, the Renegades Jeep would have been at the bottom of my overall all list while all of the 30th figures would have been above all of the Zombies & Ninjas.

  • WJWitherspoon

    What were the results of the write-in questions about items not in the concept cases?

  • GeneralsJoes

    Well, there was approximately 635 responses to the write in questions. Unfortunately if I want to export and analyze those results in any cohesive fashion, I need to upgrade to a higher tier of SurveyMonkey, to the tune of $300.

    I will be analyzing and collecting this data, but it’s going to take time.

  • The goal should be to whittle these guys down to a regular wave in terms of size – so six figures.

    I’d say take the top five from each vote, plus ties (note – I didn’t check the detailed results to see if there were any).

    That said, I’d rather see the top ten of each of 30th and PoC rather than any from the last one.

  • I think just glance to see if there’s any neat ideas for further unproduced stuff. Use your discretion.

    (Again, this is great fodder for WOJM eps if necessary.).

  • SmokePants

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I’m guessing that the Zombie and Ninja cases are deserving of fewer representatives than the other cases. You should probably set up a poll to see where the cut-off point for each set lies. People could even vote 0 if they don’t think even the number 1 figure in that category is good enough to play with the big boys.

    Probably shouldn’t have broken them down by case to begin with and gone with random pools of figures. Then the zombies and ninjas would probably have drifted to the bottom on their own.

  • Talon1load

    I still want to see a lot of the 90’s characters remade. Pathfinder, Ambush, Bullhorn, Salvo, and one of my favorites, Freefall. I know they remade him into Spc Altitude but I want him redone in 30th anniversary fashion. Let’s make that happen.

  • Ben

    Might have been better to split the Ninjas and Zombies up into 3 separate polls initially, ie:

    1) Which do you want most: Ninjas or Zombies
    2) Rank the Ninjas most wanted to least wanted
    3) Rank the Zombies most wanted to least wanted

    The couple of ninja zombies puts a bit of a hitch into that idea though.

  • WJWitherspoon

    Is there anything we (the readers) can do the help with counting?

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