Canadian JoeCon reveals modern era JoeCanuck!

The Canadian JoeCon started out several years ago as the “Canadian JoeMeet” and involved a mere fraction of the people that attend today.  But even when it first started, a custom figure got things rolling, and back then, that figure was JoeCanuck.

The original JoeCanuck was a vintage style o-ring figure with a customized head…now the folks North of the border are giving us an updated JoeCanuck figure in a modern era style!  JoeCanuck doesn’t need to mess with long-sleeved winter coats, he rocks the Canadian winters in a short-sleeved shirt.

I think this is actually my favorite figure of this year’s Canadian JoeCon so far.  Love seeing some Rise of Cobra/30th Anniversary/G.I. Joe: Renegades parts, and the color combination is excellent. Great stuff!  Check out for the official reveal, and I’ve mirrored an image below.

Make sure to keep your eyes on for the latest information!

11 thoughts on “Canadian JoeCon reveals modern era JoeCanuck!

  1. well it won’t be a production figure because the CJC exclusives are all hand made by the hundreds using availible parts in huge quanties.

    and that sounds a bit prejudice…

  2. At least he is going to be an easy custom. Renegades Ripcord , general Hawks web gear, a storm shadow or firefly head, and goggles from either lowlight or firefly. Cool :)

  3. I love the idea of a modern JoeCanuck, but this looks downright lazy. The cold weather operative in a ski mask and short sleeves makes little enough sense, but it ends up looking like he raided Beach-Head’s closet… and being a black man, he ends up being uncomfortably close to Rampage v2, the black guy who actually DID raid Beach-Head’s closet. I’m just not into a figure that looks like a copycat character of a copycat character.

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