G.I. Joe Concept Vault Madness over at HissTank.com

I’ve always said that the Concept Case Survey was designed to be site neutral, hosted on a third party site (SurveyMonkey) and designed to be used by anyone, regardless of their affiliation.  But I did suspect that other sites would want to run their own surveys geared to their own membership, and that’s cool, too.

For those HissTank.com faithful, they’ve started rolling out “Concept Vault Madness” similar to their March Madness polls, where they pit certain figures against each other to try and pick a winner.

The way I see it, if we can pull data from many different sources for Hasbro to use, all the better.  Take a look at HissTank.com’s Concept Vault Madness, but then also make sure you swing by the Concept Case Survey as well to make your voice heard loud and clear.  ;)

If you are heading to HissTank for the Vault Madness, and need an image refresher, don’t forget the Identification Gallery.  That might prove useful.

3 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Concept Vault Madness over at HissTank.com

  1. I found the survey here to be better as it had listed all of the figures and had them divided into the various sub collections as well as including vehicles and open spaces for ideas, wishlists and commentary. Very well done.

  2. Leave it to HISSTank to take someone else’s idea and make it more obnoxious.

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