ComicCon news and information from Hasbro G.I. Joe team

I’ve been lax on the updates throughout the weekend, my apologies.  Promised the wife it was going to be a “work on the house” weekend, and it was!

While I certainly kept my eyes on ComicCon to see what exciting new things were slated for the rest of this year and next, there wasn’t a whole lot of new G.I. Joe information.  This isn’t surprising, considering JoeCon was such a short time ago.

However, some G.I. Joe sites who had folks at the show spent a few minutes talking to Hasbro, and got some great information.  I’ve linked them below:

YoJoe asked some great questions of Mr. DePriest, discovering that yes, Wave 1 G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures would be restocked next year, and they also dug into the whole Ross situation and the Dollar General exclusives.  Definitely hit up that link above, some really great information.

The Terror Drome also had reps in attendance who spent a few minutes with Derryl and they asked about the whole SDCC/HTS exclusive situation, but most importantly, the question about articulation on vehicle drivers got a great response:

DD: Yes. That’s the other thing I’ve heard. I know fans are not happy by far to put it mildly with the articulation that we did on the drivers. I want to look at getting those drivers back out with more articulation and you have my commitment that we won’t be doing these lesser articulated drivers anymore. Whether that means vehicles come with or without drivers, I don’t know that answer yet. But we’re going to try to correct that.”

So it looks like Derryl and Hasbro are going to either try to retrofit some of the drivers with better articulation, or just may end up dropping driver figures from certain vehicles going forward. The fans have spoken…  I just hope everyone remembers the outcry here when Hasbro starts selling vehicles without drivers in 2013 (if they do).  I’ve seen many fans say that they would rather buy a vehicle with no driver than a vehicle with a driver with restricted articulation, so we’ll have to see what 2013 brings us.

A big thanks to these folks for bringing the news to those of us who couldn’t attend.

7 thoughts on “ComicCon news and information from Hasbro G.I. Joe team

  1. the concept vault Clutch figure IS the Swamp Viper with articulation…

    I don’t care is any of the other drivers get retrofitted in the future with articulation or not, there’s plenty of other things Hasbro can spend tooling money on instead of returning to well again.

  2. I was intrigued by the report on comics from JoeCon. Specifically, that Larry Hama was looking at introducing earlier 1970s or 1960s permutations of the Joe team, and that they’d be talking more about this at San Diego. So, did any information about this come out?

  3. Yeah, none of the vehicles were inspiring a purchase anyway, so it’s not a huge loss. I’m just happy buying whatever vehicles show up on sale anyway – they’re just too damn space-consuming.

    The bit about the modular Terror Dome was interesting, however; it’d be great to have a “stackable” level so you could buy two and combine them somehow, leaving you with one 2-storey base and one massive 4-storey one with two middle floors.

  4. “…because the movie was greenlit really late in the normal planning cycle. You’ll notice our first wave of figures don’t match what’s coming in the movie, it’s because we had to “cut steel” before the movie reference was locked down – there’s no way we could make our figures otherwise and get them to retail.”

    i figured this all along. however, if hasbro had said this a great while back, they may have avoided a lot of the crap from their targeted collectors.

  5. OMG! How come no one here thought of this!!!

    I would love a DIC 7 pack! This would give them the opportunity to put out some of the 30th figures!
    Laser-Viper, HEAT Viper, Crimson Guard Immortal , Dice, Annihilator, DIC Zaranna, cartoon Gnawgahyde, the updated Nightcreeper
    I wouldn’t mind some Python Patrol 30th Vipers & Troopers.
    I’m sure they could make a Metalhead from current parts.

  6. I also think it is funny that they cut steel and look how great the turned out we got figures that lacked looks of the movie, lack of the articulation joes “should have” and now for some they got figures that lack a movie for at least nine months,,,but the important thing is they got figures done really?

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