The Hero Project Update – Future character possibilities!

For folks who are supporting the Kickstarter for the Hero Project, we just received an update from Dynamo Development Labs today about potential future characters they want to tackle should this Kickstarter campaign go through.

There are some awesome names and some incredible designs on this list!  I cannot emphasize enough…if you are a Sigma 6 fan, or even if you are a general toy fan please consider supporting this project!

You don’t have to give a lot of money, every little bit helps, and you could have a part in building a very impressive and culturally significant brand.  Just remember, if this initial release doesn’t happen, these future figures won’t either.

I know it’s tough to consider paying for or supporting something without a physical item in hand, but trust me…if these figures are anything like Sigma 6 (and they certainly appear to bear some resemblance to that) you will NOT be disappointed.  Check out the potential future characters below and please consider supporting this project on Kickstarter.

Thank you!

“Here’s the first round of potential characters for the future! We’ll be following up with 4 more on Sunday and , coming soon, a sneak peek of a proposed female body. Don’t forget to cast your vote for your favorite character?

Quetzalcoatl– Air/sun god of the Aztec’s, possibly based on a real hero and ruler. Find out more at Wikipedia and Godchecker

Sinbad the sailor– Adventurer of Middle Eastern verbal tradition stories, first captured in The Book of One Thousand and One (Arabian) Nights. Find out more at Wikipedia 

Maui– Polynesian hero, mythological ‘creator’ of the Hawaiian Islands. Find out more at Wikipedia

Shango– African Yoruba God of fire, lightning and thunder. Historical King of Oyo. Find out more at Wikipedia and GodChecker

Thanks again for your interest and support!

Wayne and Tuck”

7 thoughts on “The Hero Project Update – Future character possibilities!

  1. These designs are amazing. I’m trying to scrape up some cash to contribute. I want a cartoon with these guy now!!!

  2. I love mythology and religious history. I would LOVE to see this line to production; however, horrible timing to raise money in the middle of convention season. They have a very large goal (I understand why) to meet with such a small fraction met. I’ll pledge, and wait and see.

  3. Yeah this is an amazing idea. For those of you on the fence, remember that Kickstarter doesn’t take your money until funding day, and if it’s not funded, you don’t lose your money. But you will lose that kickass Rama figure and any of those other awesome designs!

  4. I’m sorry… but that Sinbad looks ridiculously, and stereotypically, villainous.
    Cool crossbow, though.

  5. Much as I love the Sigma 6 style, these concepts leave me completely cold. I’d much prefer they just stuck to the futuristic, high-tech military concepts that the aesthetic works so nicely with, or, if the legend/folklore/mythology idea is set in stone, offered figures like Roland (with Durandal, of course), Beowulf, Ogier the Dane, Cúchulainn, Achilles, Hector or what have you.

  6. I’m right there with you. I would love more Sigma 6 style action figures, but I’m like some compatibility with my Joes. If there was some sign that a female body was in the works, this might be worth backing just for the custom fodder.

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