Jumping back and forth a hassle for the Concept Case survey? Try this tool.

Twitter friend of GeneralsJoes Twitziller has provided an awesome service to folks who are pounding through the Concept Case survey I posted this morning!  I’ve been hearing folks complain a bit about having to check an image, go back to the Survey, navigate through the gallery…

Well, Twitziller designed an entire Excel Spreadsheet with embedded mouse-over images, and sent it along for GeneralsJoes readers!  This will hopefully make it even easier for folks to compare images and document the rankings before answering the survey questions.

A huge thanks to Twitziller and check out the Spreadsheet below.  Use the Download link to grab it for yourself!

[gview file=”http://generalsjoes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Poll-Reference-Sheet.xlsx”]

  • Ryan( Mapleleaf) Hildebrand

    Just took the survey. Very tough when it got to things that we would like to see made that were not shown. Had to really think.

  • Red Sox

    Thanks for putting in the effort to create that Twitziller! It was very helpful.