G.I. Joe Convention coverage from What’s on Joe Mind!

Well, the guys from What’s on Joe Mind were out in force for the 2012 International G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention in New Orleans over the weekend, and they attacked the Joe fandom with a ton of content over the past few days.

I am outlining some of that content here, but will save the extra special event over the Con weekend for it’s own post.

What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition #15 – Day 2 & 3 of GIJoeCon Coverage

We focused on the day one coverage right here, but What’s on Joe Mind came back for days 2 & 3, recording from the booth of AVAC and noted author James Kavanaugh where we talked about JoeCon so far, specifically focusing on the Attendee exclusives which were revealed and also talking about the now infamous “Concept Case” that Hasbro brought to the show to give Joe fans a peek behind the glass, so to speak.  The swear they didn’t do it to break hearts, that was just a neat side effect.  Check out this episode at Podbean, or via the embedded players below.


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What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition #17 – The G.I. Joe Convention Wrap Up!

Wait a minute…where’s Special Edition #16?  I’ll cover that one separately.

In this quick and to the point special edition, the What’s on Joe Mind crew get back together as the Convention prepares to wrap up, and you can feel the fatigue in our voices.  We’re joined by the guys from Moderately Geeky as well as Terry Dizard and Jim Dolan from YoJoe!  We also speak with John from JoeArmory.com and of course talk about everything we saw, heard, and experienced in New Orleans throughout the weekend.  The main focus is on the information gathered from the Hasbro round tables as well as the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club.  Information on new releases revealed for 2013 as well as next year’s membership figure and FSS Wave 2?!?  Check it all out at Podbean.com or through the players below.



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