G.I. Joe: Retaliation upcoming new Roadblock and Flint revealed

As I hinted yesterday, there were indeed a pair of figures put out on display, but quickly pulled back from Hasbro, who evidently did not want them revealed as of yet.

Not really certain what the full story is, just that there are evidently upcoming Roadblock and Flint figures that look pretty incredible. No information was revealed on timeline for release or format, but I suspect they will be part of the main single pack line in 2013.

Check out some images below, with big thanks to Kenny on Twitter.

29 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation upcoming new Roadblock and Flint revealed

  1. These new figures are all great. It seems Hasbro is going back to full articulation in the mainline once you get passed the rushed waves 1 & 2 of movie figures. I hope there is a movie accurate Cobra Commander to go along with all of these that they’re keeping to show at Toy Fair.

  2. What you said. The figures that are coming out in future waves look great. I think I like that Roadblock better than the Battle Kata version.

  3. Very very cool. So what’s going on anyway? Already all the new figs have great articulation. So was the real reason for the crappy on some figs the time crunch? Then the cost thing would make sense as well as the only way they could of forced higher quality figures out quicker is to hire more staff or push overtime or something. That would definitely make more sense than saying its a cost thing while simultaneously popping out Dollar General figures at $3 less with full articulation.

    Regardless, the future is looking a little better again. Now, anyone wanting to take bets on whether the subscription service goes live in 2013 or just fades to oblivion. It’s been a loooooong time since we saw the figures and I figured it was because they were producing them but since that’s not the case why the massive hold up?

  4. I’m just grateful everything is being postponed when I happen to be unemployed. I knew everything revolved around me, but it’s nice to be reminded.

  5. I think it will go live sooner then that. I saw some pics from the club panel and they had said figures on the table plus their prototypes in the case. And by the sounds of it things are in swing for the FSS 2 with the announcement of its first three figs being Big bear , Dragonsky and Lt.Falcon Night Force version. Its shaping up to be a wild ride, and to quote the Rock if I may, “Just Bring it ” lol

  6. As has been pointed out here, there and everywhere over and over again, the DG figures are able to keep the articulation but be cheaper due to limited accessories and minimal paint apps.

  7. I definitely like this “RockBlock” figure. The Battle-Katta Roadblock is great for the movie version of roadblock and wave 1 RB is great for custom fodder but if Hasbro can release this version of the Rock then that’s who he will be in my collection as part of Slaughters Renegades and I’ll bring back either the 25th or RoC version for Roadblock. But its definitely an awesome figure.

  8. Which describes most of retaliation wave one, so I don’t buy into that bs propaganda. And apparently now it’s fine to do fully articulated figures for retaliation again as well, so again lame excuse.

  9. I really hope so. While overall the figures hare just ok, there are some so good I’m willing to do the whole subscription for, no problem. Was really hoping for this year.

  10. The dollar store figures didn’t require any Paramount licensing costs either which kept costs low.

    Other than the Night Landing I haven’t noticed any upcoming vehicle releases. I’d suspect that’s where they’ve reassigned budget from.

    Also, the signs say SRP $9.99 and I’m pretty sure the last time Hasbro showed stuff single carded figures were SRP $7.99 so these are probably going to cost $11.99 at retail.

  11. I receveid wave 2 Roadblock (Battle Kata) last Friday. It’s a very good figure, but this upcoming one outranks mine: seems it has the same body, but a different head (better) and a awesome Browning M2 resculpted!

    Flint is great too, I hope it comes with a beret.

  12. I’m wary of any argument that “licensing costs” to Paramount would apply – surely Hasbro would have something worked into the contract to license out the Joe brand for movie use in the first place that states they get to utilise designs and the like for free or at most a nominal fee… Actor likenesses would be a seperate thing of course.

  13. I can see why they’d pull those out of the case – who’d want to buy the Wave 2 versions of these guys when much better ones are coming? At this rate they’re going to render all of wave 2 obsolete, what with these two and Ultimate Firefly…

  14. Nope. When they did the toys for the first Transformers movie, they had to pay Paramount a cut and as such could not use any of those molds outside of the movie line.

  15. No, Retaliation wave 1 is not low on accessories or paint apps compared to the DG line. This is very apparent if you compare the Cobra Trooper from the DG line to the one in the Retaliation line.

  16. As far as I’m concerned, they rendered wave 2 Firefly obsolete with the 3-pack version. Don’t much care for the Ultimate version as it feels more like Storm Shadow in camo than Firefly what with the Storm Shadow parts and all.

  17. The vehicles aren’t breaking my heart too much. I have limited space and unless a vehicle is really cool I won’t give the space to it. I would rather have fewer vehicles but more awesome figures.

  18. I completely agree. Why do I want to buy anything from wave 1 with these awesome guys coming out?

  19. Many of these figures have the full monte articulation. Not only do they have the multi-wrist but also the new ankle articulation too. I am eagerly awaiting this wave.

  20. So has Hasbro said what will happen with the line between now and the movie release? Because it seems like all the attention is on stuff coming out next year.

  21. Since Joe bodies are pretty modular I imagine that the restriction only applies to the heads. I couldn’t say for sure since I don’t think anyone has asked Hasbro about it as far as Joe is concerned, but that seems to be a logical assumption.

  22. Custom fodder? Most everything I’ve bought from wave 1 has been so with that intention. The only exception is Cobra Commander and Red Ninjas.

  23. Is that a new rifle that Flint is holding or one we’ve seen before?

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