Press images from new 2013 product revealed at G.I. Joe Convention 2012

Along with the slideshow and display cases, our old friends at Hunter PR have also provided the official press images for new items revealed at GIJoeCon 2012 including:

  • Ultimate Duke
  • Ultimate Snake Eyes with Timber
  • Ultimate Firefly
  • Cobra Combat Ninja
  • Cobra Night Landing Mission with Cobra Eel
  • Crimson Guard
  • Ninja Showdown Assortment Wave 2
  • Micro Force

Check out the images below and a big thanks to Justin at Hunter PR for being a great liaison to Hasbro and getting this stuff accessible.

Some points of confusion I’ve seen… yes the “Cobra Combat Ninja” was meant to be a movie accurate Cobra Trooper.  They only called him that because there is already a “Cobra Trooper” in the line.  I can’t think of a single reason to complain.  He’ll still be a Retaliation Cobra Trooper in my eyes.  Also, yes, there was apparently a Roadblock and Flint put out on display that were not supposed to be there.  They were quickly removed, but images have cropped up already.  I am looking into seeing if it’s okay if I post those.  If so, they will go up as well.

13 thoughts on “Press images from new 2013 product revealed at G.I. Joe Convention 2012

  1. So…the mini figs INCLUDE about 3 ninja’s that were shown as proto’s only…including the skeleton-head one. Very interesting. Seems strange to have the minis and no 4-incher reference.

  2. I like the Cobra Night Landing Mission a lot! The raft is awesome. Looking forward to a movie accurate Duke, Firefly (kind of looks movie accurate colors) and Cobra Trooper as well. Lots of good 4 inch figures revealed!

  3. It does. It would be really strange to see a random skull-ninja if we hadn’t seen the 4″ version! I can understand going ahead with all planned minis since they need such a large assortment and don’t have to follow the film stuff.

    The ninja minis and the ninja file cards suggest that the ninja stuff was pretty far along to becoming a real release, at least compared to some of the other cancelled/concept items. Gotta wonder if Dollar general Storm Shadow was meant for this. Heck, even the 2nd 3-pack Snake Eyes is a mild Ninja Force homage.

    Lots of interesting, exciting, frustrating and surprising stuff going on this year. Retaliation looks like it will be doing well to cover some modern military style figures, even if I’m bummed by the loss of goofy ninjas and that all new sculpt on the Zombie CC.

    LOVE how ridiculously and lovingly faithful to the ’85 toy the new Snake Eyes is. Even Timber’s got the same pose.

  4. Justin, is the night landing raft the same ARAH mold?

    Thanks for all of your hard work and reporting. Hope you’re having some fun, too!

  5. Any word on the future of figure stands in the line? Any plans to have figures include them ever again?

    As much as I like some of the figures I’m seeing they will be a hard sell for me without stands. Even Night Viper. I don’t play with my toys, I display them, so no stands is a deal breaker for me.

  6. The Roadblock and Flint figures he’s talking about can be seen at, as I’m sure most people here already know. They are AWESOME.

  7. I have to say, I’m impressed by just about all of the Retaliation items on display. Honestly, the least impressive figure, to me, is the 85 Snake-Eyes. I love seeing my favorite Joes/Cobras in updated uniforms. The only thing I see that upsets me is how the Crimson Guards lower pant leg isn’t painted red. Drives me nuts when Hasbro does that.

  8. Wow! Did anyone see the new Flint and Roadblock that got snuck into the Retaliation display near Ultimate Duke? Flint looks much more movie accurate (I think that’s flint). The pics are on Saturday Hasbro Display post panel (first couple pics). Both look good.

  9. I guess I’m out of the loop. What’s everyone talking about with ninja prototypes? I don’t recognise like a third of these little guys.

  10. The panther is still something of a mystery, isn’t it? At first glance I thought it was Junkyard until someone else pointed out the tail. Then I looked at the face. It could have been a good complement to the Beast Ninja (who would be awesome if he had the 30th plethora of Croc Master creatures with him)

    I like them and will definitely be buying some. To me, they will be great little things to buy casually after a rough work day. I hope they can be on shelves regularly enough to fill that purpose. There are a few I will chase and the rest will be great surprises.

  11. Hey, Pat… according to John Warden, the panther was designed as a compliment to The Baroness. Whether that’s some sort of tribute to The Baroness w/ Ravage that was sort of iconic in G.I. Joe/Transformers I’m not sure, but that was the thought behind it.

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