G.I. Joe Convention 2012 Day 3 – 2013 Product in the display case

Good afternoon!

Just wanted to post a  quick burst of images of these new 2013 offerings in the display case and also correct myself.  The 2013 Night Landing does NOT come with the Sigma Suit canceled figure.  :(

It uses some recycled parts from the Sunbow Snake Eyes, but the slideshow played tricks on me.  The set does come with the accessories from that figure, however, which is almost as cool.


Also, the Red Ninja you see pictured below was not in the Slideshow, but somehow ended up in the case.  I asked John Warden about it, and he thinks release should be around the same time as Firefly in Wave 3.  Enjoy the images, more comprehensive coverage still to come.

12 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Convention 2012 Day 3 – 2013 Product in the display case

  1. Love the Ultimate Duke and Cobra Combat Ninja. Thanks for the pics by the way! – no fan left behind . . .

  2. ‘Ultimate’ Duke = RedSpot!!! No longer a laser trooper but he paints the target with a redspot and then destroys it via the unmanned assault drone:)
    Thanks for the super coverage and pics!

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  4. My greater point being, wow, so Hasbro is calling a Tatum Duke the “ultimate.” As in wow, Paramount is really serious about Tatum’s new-found star status.

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