G.I. Joe Convention Coverage Day 2 – “The Concept Shelf”

I think most fans seem to be having the same sentiment in regards to the concept shelf, and the same feeling of mixed emotions.  While I personally love to see pre-production items, unproduced items, and things in various stages of design and production, having a full blown glass case of figures that are currently not due for release is a real blow to the gut.

That’s not to say I don’t want to see them and I want Hasbro to not show this stuff…I absolutely love it and eat this up, but it does fill me with some serious mixed emotions.  Obviously the G.I. Joe: Renegades shelf hit me hard with very nice, crisp pre-production Coyote and Flint’s Jeep concepts.  Scrap Iron was a beauty as well.  But for many folks, it was likely the 30th Anniversary shelf that was particularly devastating.

An awesome Flint update with his classic look, accompanied by Lady Jaye.  Beachhead, HEAT-Viper, Snow Serpent, Laser-Viper, Tele-Viper…and Hit & Run.  Oh good God that  Hit & Run.  This figure is something I’ve been dreaming about with the character for years.  It reeked of Hit & Run perfection…but apparently it is not to be.  Twist that knife a little deeper, Hasbro.

In all seriousness, I cannot stop commending the Hasbro designers for what they’re able to do.  This case was loaded with a ton of great looking figures that were by and large cobbled together from existing parts, and the fact that they could get updated designs to come out as strong and flawless as they did without doing too much new tooling is quite simply astounding.  Applause, Hasbro designers…  now, how do we convince the bean counters to let this stuff get to retail?

Check out some images below, as organized as I can make them.  I will refine this all into a SuperPage at some point very soon, but for now, let’s just get the images up there.

G.I. Joe: Renegades

G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary and the Pursuit of Cobra

G.I. Joe: Legend of the Arashikage Ninja

G.I. Joe: Zombie Attack

G.I. Joe Vehicle Concepts

Items of note… the guy with the hockey mask is a “Dreadnok Trooper”.  The Howler and the Diver were both shown in Providence.  The diver figure has the familiar “Sigma 6” ports on his uniform, so that wounds me like a gunshot.  The bearded guy behind the Dreadnok Trooper is an unreleased PoC Clutch.

In talking with John Warden and Derryl, they were certain to point out that these are all definitely concepts and not to expect release on anything shown here, however, they were very interested to hear in our favorites.  They strongly encouraged communication with Hasbro to express our interest in some of these offerings.

I plan on rolling out some polls and top ten lists perhaps next week once Con hysteria slows down to try and form up some sort of consistent message that can hopefully be relayed about how much we want to see some of these items released.  I would imagine stuff like the G.I. Joe: Renegades items are pretty much off the table, just because of the nature of the brand at this point, but I would imagine there might be other possibilities if we can express our opinions intelligently and constructively.

As I said, I will get this better organized in a SuperPage format going forward, but I wanted to at least get the images out there, I know they are spreading like wildfire already as it is.  Interesting note in my opinion was that all of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation product shown had shelf tags leading up to 4/12/2013, but nothing beyond.  That shows to me there is still a lot planned for next year, so it will be interesting to see what ends up being revealed tomorrow at the Hasbro seminar.

Fingers crossed!

More coverage to come, I promise.  Sorry for the delay on this stuff.  Crazy day as you can imagine.

67 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Convention Coverage Day 2 – “The Concept Shelf”

  1. What really kills me is that these “new” figures are mostly kit bashes. I’m not so naive as to think they could be put into production tomorrow but I think producing these would be a lot less expensive than if they were 100% new sculpts.

  2. What really kills me is that these “new” figures are mostly kit bashes. I’m not so naive as to think they could be put into production tomorrow but I think producing these would be a lot less expensive than if they were 100% new sculpts.

  3. I just took a better look at the picture and I see you are right. Yeah I wouldn’t want that either, but I know some would. Thanks for the info.

  4. Yes, but them asking if we’d like to have them especially when they fit perfectly with POC/30th is silly. I already know they can kitbash some great figures.

    We may have gotten, say Hit N Run, but I want something that fits into a display of classic or new characters that have a modern look. To have it waved in front of my face is what angers my blood.

  5. True, but now that I’m seeing those collectible min-figs, I think the bulk of these things were intended for release. I see little versions of the ghost ninja, zombie Cobra Commander, and 30th Flint and Lady Jaye in the mix.

  6. Suggest this: If Hasbro is not so sure about a design, if it sells or not, why not do a subscription service? At least we as fans can vote with our money what we want and Hasbro gets the sales it badly needed, plus no problem with the retailers since Hasbro sells the figures themselves. they won’t have problems over stocking because every figure produce goes to someone. All they have to do is have a good logistics team.

  7. Anything is possible. After seeing the mini-figs I’m wondering if this is stuff that they were planning for after the movie line but had to scrap a lot of it because of the movie delay. The mini-figs were probably going to hit around the same time but since the movie line doesn’t have any impact on that sort of product, they’re going on with it.

  8. Hasbro tried selling directly to consumers before over a decade ago with their first online store. They ended up shutting it down because the big retailers weren’t happy with it. They wont take that risk again.

  9. Ha, that first Renegades Snake-Eyes pic looks like he just let out a major fart.

    A surprising amount of different generic Joe troopers.

    Is BBTS at the Con? Tell ’em to get on some Ninja and Zombie 7-packs.

  10. Please release that version of Lady Jaye as a regular figure and not as an exclusive. Excellent job to the design team.

  11. All I can say is, thank God those ****ing zombie figures won’t see release…

  12. I love the Coyote, I want it for my Collection, and the other Vehicles look great as do the Figures, I am still waiting for more “New” Designs so of the Retal stuff that I got is re-hashed crap and the HISS is horrible, so cheaply built, and the Ghost hawk, I have already started to fix the MANY problems, the Steel wolf looks Like part of the Avengers? am I right? Yes I will buy, But I will only if I deem it good enough. SO HASBRO if your listening, dont make them as cheap as you did with the Joe:2 Movie toys….. I have been a collector for years, think about us.

  13. 1. KWINN
    2. FLINT
    3. LADY JAYE
    4. HIT & RUN
    6 SLIPSTREAM (I think that’s who it is behind Dreadnok Trooper)
    8. GRUNT (great head sculpt!)
    9. ZARTAN

    Please Hasbro!!!

  14. The vast majority of these figures look fantastic. I sure hope that they will eventually see release.

    Some quick thoughts on the showing:

    – I would be all about a zombie subset in GI Joe. A zombie outbreak due to Cobra craziness makes more sense than a bunch of ninjas running around a battlefield…

    – I have very mixed feelings about Hit & Run, one of my favorite characters. The sculpting looks amazing, but the face (which looks great) just doesn’t say Hit & Run to me… It looks too grizzled. I also wish the camo colors on his face were a deeper shade of green…

    – Updates of Flint, Clutch, Beachhead, Snow Serpent, Eel, Tele Viper and many others look amazing. I’m not impressed with the Shipwreck or Lady Jaye, though. Neither seem to be improvements on previous releases.

    – Bring on Heat Viper, Data Viper and that cool looking diver, please!

    – I love the idea of a black ops subset that may or may not be affiliated with the Joes…

    – I just don’t get the Kwinn love… (I’m a Sunbow guy…)

  15. Those ninja zombies are amazing. Now look at my user name it is ninjazombie!! I am ninjazombie! ! I would have bought a zillion of thoes!!!

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