New in hand images of G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 at AC Toys

Call me crazy but I actually really love the play feature of that Wave 2 Firefly.  Yes, it looks like it results in some reduced arm/wrist articulation, but the light up forearms and the long motorized sled are actually pretty damn cool, I think.  At some point we have to think about the children!

Over on Small Evil has posted a wealth of G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 images including Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Flint, Storm Shadow, and the aforementioned Firefly.  Check out Roadblock and carded images here, and the Firefly images here, and I’ve also mirrored the images below.

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8 thoughts on “New in hand images of G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 at AC Toys

  1. I like the new Firefly but watching him give birth to a translucent plastic canister on his accessory is just too damned amusing.

  2. Roadblock and Firefly look fantastic! Snakes and Stormy look pretty good as well. Can’t stand bobble head Flint though, that is one fugly figure….although honestly I only say that because of the head. I do like that Hasbro has found room in their budget for exchangeable heads though. This wave ended up better than I thought when I first saw the pics months ago. Back then I thought Roadblock was the only worthy purchase, now I’ll only be passing on one. Although, having to wait 8+ months to get these who knows what will happen. I may be so happy to see new Joe toys I’ll buy anything and everything in the aisles. Could happen.

  3. I like that Firefly, but the see through arms are just weird. Also, does he not have wrist articulation?

  4. Paint the white knife sheath on the Rock and rub off the tattoo and we’re in business!!

    Firefly is pretty sweet too.

  5. FF is another awesome figure that fails in execution due to lack of articulation like HISS tank CC.

  6. I think I’ll use that Roadblock body as an update for Major Barrage, if the skin color matches OK, since it’s an easy head swap.

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