Channing Tatum responds (as only Channing Tatum can) to rumors of more Duke

It seems like forever since we all expected G.I. Joe: Retaliation to hit theaters on Friday, and we celebrate this week with an Aint It Cool News interview with Channing Tatum.  A big rumor surrounding the delay of the film was that Tatum was going to be brought back to life considering his recent surge in popularity.

If Duke is indeed getting better from his rumored demise, it certainly seems like Tatum is the last to know.  Either that, or the production has enough existing footage to shoot around the events.  Aint it Cool News’ Capone spoke with Tatum about Magic Mike, and thankfully managed to squeak in some G.I. Joe questions among all the male stripper talk.

“Capone: Before I let you go, because I’ve got to ask, can you shed any light on what is going on with this G.I. JOE sequel right now?

CT: You know what? I would love to, and this is the honest answer, they haven’t talked to me about anything. I haven’t even seen the movie, so I don’t know anything.

Capone: I keep hearing they’re going to bring you back in to do some reshoots.

CT: They haven’t called me. Everybody sends me the Deadline reports, all of my friends and even my representation. They’re just kind of like, “Has anybody called you?” I’m like “No,” then they’re like “Well they haven’t called us.” So I don’t really know. I have no idea.

Capone: All right, well I had to ask.

[Both Laugh]

CT: We’ll see, though, very shortly I’m guessing.

Capone: They’ve got a lot of time to play with.

CT: Yeah, exactly. More than enough, right?

Capone: Yeah.

CT: Which is interesting. I’m intrigued to see what their plan is. [G.I. JOE: RETALIATION Producer] Lorenzo di Bonaventura, he’s also a producer on BITTER PILL. So I’m going to see him very shortly here, and I’m going to be like, “What’s up, dude?” [Laughs] “What’s the deal?”

Rumors have already been floating around out there that Channing Tatum had already come back for potential reshoots a number of months ago, and even more rumors suggested that multiple endings had been shown in test screenings, which may have partially resulted in the decision to delay the film.  My guess is yes, there will be plot tweaks to the film to remove Duke’s death, but it is also quite possible that no reshoots will be required on Tatum’s end.

Time will tell.  Check out the full interview on AICN, and thanks to Dolemite from for the information.

7 thoughts on “Channing Tatum responds (as only Channing Tatum can) to rumors of more Duke

  1. It must feel quite good to have everyone lambast your performane in one film and then for the next film have so much comotion made about your demise to the point where the film has to go into special measures, bet tatums like, “yeah take that joe fans”…….

  2. check out ”the eagle”……..pretty good movie…………if you ignore the last 10seconds of footage.

  3. Just hope by the time Retaliation finally sees release that the stock in Tatum-mania hasn’t dropped out.

  4. It’d be very amusing if he does indeed appear to die, and then at the end they hastily reveal via voice-over that he has come out of a coma.

  5. what would be even funnier is if you see him get his head blown off, and snake eyes says……..hes slipped into a coma!!!

  6. I have an idea. One of the reasons I read that Renegades was halted was that it centered around Duke as a main character and they didn’t want cofusion after he died in the movie. Now that he’s back how about Renegades season 2? I can hope…..

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