Sideshow Collectibles Reveals SDCC Exclusive Lt. Falcon!

Well, I think this certainly took folks by surprise!  Sideshow Collectibles announced their San Diego ComicCon Exclusive today, and it’s none other than that “gold-plated goof off, Lieutenant Falcon”!

Thankfully, Sideshow went with much less of the “goof off” version and much more the bad ass real-world Green Beret military look.  Sporting some fantastic tiger stripe camouflage, a great head sculpt, and the awesome gear we’re used to, Sideshow is giving us a terrific addition to the G.I. Joe roster here.  Sure, there aren’t many new parts, but the combination is outstanding.

The preview arrived via the latest Sideshow Collectibles newsletter, and I’ve mirrored the image below as well.  Good stuff, and thanks to Mysterious Stranger for the information.

8 thoughts on “Sideshow Collectibles Reveals SDCC Exclusive Lt. Falcon!

  1. Good news (I guess) is that they aren’t having any pick up at the con itself. Instead orders will go up the week before (4th of July week) and then product will ship right away. I kinda wish they were having pick up at the con. That has been a fun thing to do the last few years. Walk up, hand over my paperwork and get my toys. Without a doubt the easiest exclusive pick up of the whole show. But they are supposed to ship right away so I’ll have a Sideshow Joe waiting for me when I get back home after the show.

    Oh yeah, Falcon looks absolutely badass. Okay maybe not badass but he looks really good and I’m glad he’s coming. Falcon was always one of my go-to guys back in the day so getting a super detailed Sideshow version is pretty cool.

  2. He is cool as all of the Sideshow figs are but kind of an odd choice. We still haven’t gotten Destro, Baroness, or any number of “core” Joe characters yet.

  3. Now this is a nice looking Sideshow figure. I hope to see more pics soon.

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