Hasbro reveals official descriptions and pricing for SDCC Exclusives

A full detail sheet for the San Diego ComicCon Exclusives has been released by Hasbro, and of course, the requisite G.I. Joe items are listed:

(Approximate Retail Price: $14.99 each; Ages: 4 & up; Available through HasbroToyShop.com, Booth #3329 at San Diego Comic-Con)
The baddest female ninja around will return in the blockbuster film, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, scheduled to hit theaters on March 29th, 2013 in 3D, but first, KIM ARASHIKAGE is making an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. As the latest G.I. JOE Comic-Con special edition figure, Hasbro will be releasing two movie likeness versions of the fan-favorite ninja. The primary KIM ARASHIKAGE figure is dressed in her classic red ninja suit with a double bladed bisento, while the unmasked variant is wearing a white costume and wielding a kusarigama.

(Approximate Retail Price: $59.99 each; Ages: 4 & up; Available through HasbroToyShop.com, Booth #3329 at San Diego Comic-Con)

After the extreme popularity of last year’s G.I. JOE and TRANSFORMERS crossover San Diego Comic-Con special edition, Hasbro has done it again! In 2012, the iconic G.I. JOE vehicle, the H.I.S.S. TANK, will get a DECEPTICON SHOCKWAVE make-over, including a G1 SHOCKWAVE blaster attachment. The set comes with a 3.75-inch DESTRO action figure with special edition DECEPTICON deco, a 3.75-inch COBRA B.A.T. figure with special edition CONSTUCTICON deco. The set also comes with several ENERGON cubes on a cart, a briefcase full of money, and a small boom box with 3 cassette tapes- better known to TRANSFORMERS fans as the classic alt-mode of DECEPTICON spy SOUNDWAVE along with RATBAT, LASERBEAK, and RAVAGE. Yo, Joe AND Roll Out!

While the Jinx figure(s) maintain the very attractive $14.99 price point, the Shockwave HISS Tank is $10 more expensive than the Starscream Skystriker was last year.  This could be a result of increased production costs, or the fact that more figures are included here.  Regardless, still a decent price for a fully sized vehicle and two figures with a ton of accessories in a great display box.

Official images for these items can be seen below.

7 thoughts on “Hasbro reveals official descriptions and pricing for SDCC Exclusives

  1. I’d totally pay $60 for the Shockwave HISS. Too bad nobody will be able to get it for less than $150… :-/

  2. so wait… will there be a time when Hasbrotoyshop.com will sell them? Is there a chance that people not going to SDCC will be able to get them at retail prices?

  3. Nice; I’m still up for that HISS if I can snag it. Now lets see if Hasbro can say when they’re selling them online maybe more than a day before hand! Ya know, then I could plan ahead. Then I might have a chance. That would be cool, Hasbro.

  4. Yup, I just bought mine on E-Bay for a little more than that. Wanted to have it though…..I’ll use the savings from the Retaliation line to cover it.

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