Guest Review – Sideshow Collectibles Rock n Roll by Mysterious Stranger

Unfortunately as I’ve mentioned many times in the past a majority of the Sideshow Collectibles’ offerings are simply out of my price range.  Thankfully I have some good friends who devote some serious money and time to the Sideshow line and eagerly provide me with reviews for the site.

This makes me very happy.

The unique thing in this case is that long time friend of GeneralsJoes Mysterious Stranger has been a huge fan of Sideshow’s offerings and also claims Rock n Roll as his all time favorite G.I. Joe character.  So posting his review here only makes sense.  Check it out in the Sideshow Collectibles Reviews category, or the direct link below.

And posting this makes me realize that I really need to dedicate a specific page to Sideshow reviews and not just the category.  They need to be easier to find.

3 thoughts on “Guest Review – Sideshow Collectibles Rock n Roll by Mysterious Stranger

  1. I always enjoy your reviews, Stranger, and I think they’re a very valuable contribution to the site since Justin’s a selfish bitch who insists on putting his kids through college someday and therefore can’t afford to buy and review the Sideshow figures himself. (Just kidding, Justin. Please don’t ban me. Ban Alexx or something.)

    But while I usually read the review and think “He did a nice job”, that’s where it ends for me; I still desperately want the Sideshow CC ’cause I have a dio in mind that requires a badass CC in the 12-inch scale, but most Sideshow Joes do nothing much for me.

    But holy crap, this guy is great! His head sculpt is perhaps the best they’ve produced in this series! RnR has always flown under my radar (despite my long-standing suspicion that he could be one of my favorite characters, if only because I am such a rock n’ roll enthusiast) but now I am quite interested in him.

    Nice work on the photos. Your focus on all the details and nods to the character’s continuity are particularly appreciated.

  2. Great review of a great figure. I do have to mention, though, that the ammo belts that came with mine were IMPOSSIBLE to keep in place. There was no sweet spot for mine; if there was, I surely would’ve found it after hours, literally hours, of fiddling with them. I finally just glued the little tabs in place.

  3. I enjoyed the review, thanks. I completely agree with you regarding the file cards on the ARAH Joes. When I was a kid I took a lot from those file cards when I was creating the character of the Joe in my head.

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