G.I. Joe: Special Ops online game Beta is LIVE!

Yes, that’s right, folks!  We have an online G.I. Joe game to play.

Just on a whim, I hit up the SyFy.com G.I. Joe: Special Ops site this morning and clicked “Play Beta” and guess what?

The game started, that’s what!  It loaded up through Facebook, so I’m not sure if the non-Facebook version is available yet or not, but it looks like at least for Facebook users, you can try out the Beta of G.I. Joe: Special Ops RIGHT NOW.

Keep in mind, a Beta version of the game will potentially have some technical glitches, so don’t think this is the finished version.  Go out there and kick the tires, though.

Stop reading, and hit it up!

6 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Special Ops online game Beta is LIVE!

  1. DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m at work and cant get on FB from here. I was hoping to get the jump on you on this one Justin.

  2. I’ve been playing this thing religiously since it went live. It’s fun but repetitive. Still early in design so I can see room for growth. Has some bugs like drones healing themselves and making depos unable to capture. No way to report bugs, but played with one of the devs and he said to email them for now. Load times for mutiplayer maps takes awhile. Stuff is way overpriced, even for a free to play game, but hey you can earn the stuff to buy it through game play just takes forever. Sadly with the movie being pushed back, this game may not see the influx it could have, because by the time the movie comes out this game will be considered old in the gaming world.

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