In hand images for G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 Flint

Over on JoeDeclassified master of pre-production toys Glumby has posted some images for the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 Flint!  Using a lot of the same tooling as the Wave 1 Duke, Flint actually looks a lot better with this new paint scheme and some great added webgear.  Love the removable beret as well.

Check out the images on and I’ve also mirrored them below.

22 thoughts on “In hand images for G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 Flint

  1. Maybe it’s an optical illusion, but in the first picture his head looks larger than his body. I like the head sculpt, though, and the removable beret. I’ll still buy this figure. Can’t wait to see the rest in Wave 2.

  2. All I could see was a giant head in those first few shots. Fortunately the webgear goes a long way towards bulking up the body.

    I like the colours. They remind me of a subdued version of Wetsuit, but appropriate for any environment. Add in the black weapons and removable beret and Flint’s a real winner.

  3. The figure is awesome but I’ve noticed that a lot of the figures are coming with zip lines. I can see it for the Red Ninja, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow figures but is it really needed for Flint as well? Granted, we could get another spring loaded weapon instead but come on, its getting to be overkill with the zip lines too. Anyway just a thought, but I do like the figure and can’t wait for wave 2 to hit come late December or January when they are released again.

  4. The new colors and added webgear make this figure look much, much better than what we’ve seen before. Might actually pick this one up now.

  5. Bobble head Flint is an easy pass. And people complain about lack of articulation, at least most figures have accurate proportions. This figure looks like crap.

  6. Very random styles for this line compared to the first movie. I’m glad they’re not all black reactive armor versions, but it would be nice for more screen accuracy besides the 2nd version of Roadblock and Snake Eyes… I stilll haven’t seen a screen accurate Storm Shadow, but it almost looks like the same design from the first movie is being used this time, so I guess my RoC Storm Shadow fits the bill…

  7. Not sure how I feel about this one. It’s better better than the wave 1 Duke because of the addition of some decent gear and a head that doesn’t look like a cross eyed chipmunk, but now the body looks like something leftover from the Lost In Space movie line. I may buy it for the head, beret, webgear and rifle.

  8. I was looking forward to this figure, but I’m wondering why the used the Marauder Falcon head instead of the ninja cycle Flint head that looks more like DJ Cotrona.

  9. Decent. Definitely bought for parts. I don’t think it’s the same head from the 7 pack Falcon, though. The hair is different. Very similar, though.

  10. Wow! I had been on the fence with this one, but now it’s looking like a ‘must-have’ for me. Thanks to Chris for the pics and to Justin for posting them!

  11. Weird that they’re happy to release little items like the beret but not articulation on drivers. This whole line is a curious thing. But he looks great… I hope he gets a release over here!

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