GeneralsJoes Reviews the San Diego ComicCon Jinx figures!

The movie is pushed back to 2013, G.I. Joe: Renegades is long gone, and by all accounts, mass retail toy shelves are going to be barren for the next 6 – 8 months.  Deth of teh line!!1!

But wait…there is a light on the horizon in the form of the San Diego ComicCon figures (and vehicle) that should hit the West Coast shortly after JoeCon this year.  For this year’s action figure offerings, Hasbro is going back in time, and now forward in time to bring us some great representations of G.I. Joe ninja finance clerk Jinx!  We have the red version taking us back to better days of 1987…well, except for that whole Cobra La thing.  And we’ve got a white version sporting a head sculpt looking very much like Elodie Yung who represents Jinx in the film, now coming out in nine months.  The whole time continuum is collapsing!

I struggled a bit with where to put these reviews, but since the packaging is very 25th Anniversary themed, that’s where they are.  So check out my 25th Anniversary Review Page, or just hit the links below!  A big thanks to Gyre Viper from the JDSO Podcast and Jay from Carded Heroes for spreading the love a bit and letting me get these reviews out there.  Enjoy.

18 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews the San Diego ComicCon Jinx figures!

  1. I didn’t even notice the grey dragons until the close-ups. They break up the white figure nicely. Actually, now white Jinx reminds me of [url=]Storm Shadow 17[/url] from the new sculpt era. Not so much that I would call it an homage, but there are definitely similarities.

  2. While the figures are nice being a Comic Con exclusive means that the figures will be too exclusive for collectors without a good deal of luck or deep pockets.

  3. Hm…I wonder why one of her sword blades is black on both figures?

    Anyway, fantastic figures! I won’t be able to get my hands on them, but awesome nonetheless!

  4. No, I simply included that picture to show what it looks like. Only the white Jinx comes with the unmasked head.

  5. Nice reviews. Thanks for addressing the differences between this one and the 87 figure without dismissing the complaints those of us have with the figure. It seems like any other time I have brought it up, I’m met with a collective “It’s a modern update, get over it.” But Lifeline, Sci-Fi, Low-Light and Airtight are prime examples of how Hasbro can satisfy the demands of the modern warfare crowd and those who want ARAH-accurate figures in the modern 4″ scale.

    I truly think Hasbro missed an opportunity to give us an ultimate Jinx. They had the SDCC budget. This was a great chance to create the movie Jinx we never got, with an alternate, unmasked (movie) head, the GI Joe emblem on her leg, a blindfold and her sparring gear. I mean, it’s the 25th anniversary of the movie, what better way to create synergy with Retaliation? And besides, the variant could have been the modern/Retaliation-inspired Jinx. I think with this movie figure ending up on the ARAH card, it’s as close as we’re ever going to get to an 87 Jinx, and if we were only getting one Jinx this year (or 2013) then I could get on board with it. But we’re not. We’re getting four. So I don’t understand why one of them couldn’t be the 87 figure.

  6. An addendum: I do think it’s cool as hell that fans of the Marvel run fans will have a somewhat accurate Jinx.

  7. I do miss the multi-joint wrist present in the other ninjas, and I still would prefer to the FSS Jinx, but this is an exclusive that I can actually get my hands on, so I will grab both.

  8. I am also confused as to why Hasbro decided to paint a flesh tone on red Jinx’s upper torso. We keep hearing about how paint apps increase the cost of a figure, so why not leave it unpainted if it would both cost less and be more accurate to the original figure?

  9. I was leaning toward the white figure to begin with but seeing the grey dragons on it pretty much sells it to me.

  10. I dont know how you see it but this head sculpt is nothing like Elodie Yung and its nothing like the one with her sculpt showed on last convention. Its clearly difirent sculpt that have to reminiscent her look from the first aperence in the comic.

  11. nice butt. i also like the detail on her abs. wait, she comes with accessories too?!

  12. Ummm I think it looks exactly like her in toy form. I even think that it was deliberate to look like her.

  13. After seeing these reviews that cinches it, the red one is the Jinx for me. I will get both if I can, but I’m going to actively try to grab a red Jinx to join my growing horde of ninjas.

  14. This is terrifying to admit, but I have to get it off my chest. After 30 some years of collecting action figures I’ve finally crossed some horrible threshold:

    I find the unmasked Jinx figure…..attractive. She’s beautiful.

    ……I need help.

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