Channing Tatum talks (briefly) about rumors of more Duke in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

While Paramount’s official line remains that the G.I. Joe: Retaliation delay is due to a desire to convert the film to 3D, rumors still swirl that they’re also doing some reshoots and also trying to provide more Channing Tatum for the movie going audience.

While at the MTV Movie Awards last night, Tatum was approached by MTV and asked about the status of G.I. Joe: Retaliation and whether or not he would be participating in any reshoots.  His answer was pretty non-committal, saying he didn’t really know what was going on, and that he had done everything they had asked him to do.

Doesn’t sound much like someone who is still involved with the film, in my mind…or has the desire to promote it.  But we are still nine months out.

Also, don’t forget that there were rumors that people seeing the early screenings were being shown two endings, one with Tatum deceased, and one with him alive.  It’s possible they have already filmed all of the footage of him that they need and it’s all up to the editors now.  Check out the interview on or also embedded below.

8 thoughts on “Channing Tatum talks (briefly) about rumors of more Duke in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

  1. If I was him I wouldn’t really care about promting it either, what has G.I. joe done for him? his wife is stunning!

  2. Too much Channing can spoil the stew. But this is true of any ingredient.

    Too little Channing and the flavor may stale, turn off certain aficionados, and become a completely unconnected dish to the first course (RoC).

    The right balance of flavor for the most must be preserved for sure, though. It is the only way to cater to a diverse audience.

    Personally, I would reduce Channing, actually trimming out as soon as possible. I have nothing against Channing, stands alone just fine, I just would like a different flavor with Retaliation. (RoC left a “meh” aftertaste for me. But was it the Channing in RoC that did that? I’m not sure.)

    Now, Vosloo, I liked Vosloo. I hope there is some Vosloo hidden in Retaliation. From RoC, Vosloo stood out to me. I hope Retaliation holds a surprise for me here.

    Stevenson looks like fiery addition, one which looks quite interesting.


  3. I’d say you hit that nail on the head, they already filmed the Duke lives stuff. They new scenes will probably add some stuff thrown at the camera for the 3-D and possibly address the “jumpiness” of the fiml by providing more smooth transitions. (if that rumor is accurate)

  4. Do you all remember in an early interview with C.Tatum, he said, they should have gone with a reboot because that would have been cleaner. I can only presume that back then, he saw this “Duke is dead” problem becoming a show stopper. Well the show has stopped for at least 9 months. Now we have to wait until next year for a potential mess. And then, a few years later, the reboot that should have been.

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