G.I. Joe Concept artists from Massive Black display their work

Originally found by an eagle eyed member of JoeDios.com, a website for concept art company Massive Black has been unveiled, and along with it, a bunch of great looking concept pieces for potential use in the G.I. Joe line.

Actually if you look, a lot of these ideas were borrowed for G.I. Joe throughout the Pursuit of Cobra, G.I. Joe: Renegades, and even the Ghost Hawk II has some strong elements from the VTOL in this artwork.  Some of this stuff looks fantastic.

For obvious safety and cost reasons, Hasbro cannot make toys with this many hard edges and details, but for sure the inspiration was there for the HISS, the Black Dragon, and the Ghost Hawk II.  The stuff that wasn’t used like the APC and the Tank wasn’t used for pretty obvious reasons, in my mind, as they are very evocative of similar vehicles from Aliens and HALO.  While G.I. Joe has clearly pulled some inspiration from those properties in the past, those two examples strike me as being extremely blatant.

To me the biggest loss is the incredible concept for The Baroness, a much more combat ready soldier looking version of that character.  Amazing looking figure there.  Pretty neat to see some of the steps taken towards our retail offerings.  Check out the gallery below, and hit up the site itself, too.

13 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Concept artists from Massive Black display their work

  1. Yeah, shame about the battleready Baroness not seeing plastic form (yet).

    I also like the small CObra VTOL, a F.A.N.G perhaps?

  2. KEEP HIRING THESE GUYS. Seriously I think I saw everything I loved about PoC in all these pics! They got some great designs here!

  3. So many cool concepts, and more than just visually. Giving Hawk both his movie accurate berret and classic look helmet is brilliant. Snake Eyes naming his bike after Timber is really interesting, but what was Timber 2? And how might Storm Shadow have lost that eye?

  4. G.I. Joe must be a very interesting toy collection! I have become so much excited about getting one. Baroness must have a plastic form too! I’m hoping. :)

  5. I also noticed some anime influence in the walking tank design. While the top is different, the legs look a lot like the tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell.

  6. Totally. And was that the APC from “Aliens”? And the Warthog from “Halo”? God I would love these toys in 1:18 scale!

  7. I think the small VTOL would make a great new FANG too. I am a little tired of the “Halo” effect though. I like the games as much as the next guy but there seems to be a lot of influence from that property everywhere. The Joe jeep pretty much looks like the Warthog. The battle Baroness looks great. I would really love to get a figure like that. She deserves to have some cool combat togs.

  8. How cool, those vehicles are great! The “black dragon” looks superb here. I would like to play with these as they are done up here.
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Timber II was in DDP, the original’s pup. It doesn’t look like SS lost an eye, just that he has some kinda high-tech single eye google thing on.

  10. Anybody else think that the design for the Cobra Heavy Trooper came from the Killzone universe? Lovin these game universe shoutouts!

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