GeneralsJoes reviews the Dollar Store Duke, Shipwreck, and Snake Eyes

I started these reviews with the bad guys yesterday, and today I finish off my reviews of the already infamous Dollar Store Joes with a look at the G.I. Joe side of the house.  Like the Cobra figures, these guys use a ton of existing parts, not a huge array of paint apps, but a whole ton of creativity.

Check out the reviews on my 30th Anniversary Review Page, or just click the links below.

18 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews the Dollar Store Duke, Shipwreck, and Snake Eyes

  1. bit the proverbial bullet on the snake eyes……..ebay $12……..already tired of hitting DGs.

  2. I love this wave. My only complaint is the lack of accessories, but I’ve got plenty saved up to outfit the figures.

  3. All I want from this series is Shipwreck, but I really, really want Shipwreck, both this version and the green variant.

    Duke’s nice, but I had that Zap they used as a base (twice, in fact), and while the belt and boots are cool, I can’t get past the Anniversary Man-Boobs.

    Still, it’s neat to see that Dusty head without the “dusty” paint apps.

  4. I love that Duke for some reason. Though not as Duke, mind you. Like you said, Justin, it’ll make a great Grunt.

  5. Something I don’t think very many people at all know or realize about this Snake-Eyes: the mask isn’t a hockey mask, its a paintball mask. It bears a uncanny resemblance to a JT Crossfire paintball mask from the time, as does most of the vest worn by the figure, with the larger pouches for the larger paintball feed hoppers. Paintball was just hitting a peak of popularity at the time and the traits of this gear stand out as being influenced by the sport.

    Might be a question worth asking at the Hasbro Roundtable at the convention– though its probably the most obscure question they’d field all weekend.

  6. Dollar General really is one of the worst places to hunt for anything, and the limited numbers showing up in all stores only makes the problem worse. It seems easier to get them by accident then on purpose. I only hope I can find more before the repaint wave hits, as I don’t really want the repaints as much.

  7. I really want that Shipwreck, and Storm Shadow is a close second.

    I can pass on the others for now.

  8. Love these figures! The Duke fig is my Grunt and I cant get over how close he looks to the ‘trooper’ logo from back in the day on the corner of the old Marvel comics.

  9. No wonder it’s so tough to trade mine.

    Since I already made a custom Grunt. Duke will be Short Fuze.
    Shipwreck the highlight of this set? (who I also want to trade away) Na it’s the Cobra Trooper! ;)

    Ironically they were extremely easy for me to find.

  10. I found them today at a Dollar General near my office (North Arlington, TX for anyone in the area who is looking). I’ve been checking the stores close to me (all very small and kind of ghetto), but the store I found them in was a larger and seemingly nicer location.
    I thought they might ring up for $3.50 each, so I was going to grab Snake Eyes and the Cobra Trooper too, but when they came up $6 I was happy to just walk off with Shipwreck and Storm Shadow.

  11. Yep.

    And all these years we thought it was Grunt. Turns out it was Duke! Who knew?

  12. I think Shipwreck is the star of the bunch. He is fantastic in his simplicity. The parts they used are great, he has awesome articulation, and that cool dive rig. Less generous paint apps don’t bother that fig because it is meant to be a very functional uniform.

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