GeneralsJoes Reviews Dollar Store Exclusive Cobra Commander, Trooper & Storm Shadow

The figures currently available at Dollar General stores nationwide are causing quite a stir in the community.  Hot demand combined with low quantities, and amplified by rumors of a recall (which I believe are totally false, for the record) has all jettisoned these figures towards the top of many fans’ want list.

But how are they really?  Once you look past the insane demand, how successfully are these as G.I. Joe figures?

GeneralsJoes gets to the bottom of it!  I’ve started with the bad guys first and will review the good guys tomorrow.

First, I do have to say I hope you all accept my apologies…I am still in mid-move, so as a result, my review station isn’t quite as optimal as it has been in reviews past.  I’m forced to use the Flash a lot more as I’m having trouble finding consistent lighting sources.  The result is that some images are washed out a little more than I would prefer.  Also, most of my figures are packed in storage, which has greatly limited my ability to do comparison shots.  I’m hoping once I’m settled at the beginning of July, I can straighten things out again and get my reviews back to the level you all expect, but I appreciate your patience until that happens.

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6 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Dollar Store Exclusive Cobra Commander, Trooper & Storm Shadow

    Looks like the Commander is carrying the .45 Winchester Automag from Wildey. They were the cool semi-auto magnum before Desert Eagle came along. Mack Bolan carried one in the original Don Pendleton “The Executioner” series.

  2. i know its a dead horse im beating here, but, i have to say it.
    that hood………another reason i would love to see hasbro do accessory packs.

  3. Yes. These figures need to be distributed to more than Dollar General. I picked up half the Retaliation wave yesterday, and I’d have spent as much on these if I could find them. Hasbro, let’s make these happen all over the country in abundance while we wait for the (wink-wink) “3D Conversion”.

  4. I think the gold gear from the 2008 “Ninja Ku” Storm Shadow would go a long way in helping this figure echo his ARAH self.

  5. GAH…I really doubt I’m gona find these. I’ll need luck on my side. Hopefully they’ll release these again when they release the movie.

  6. Dammit. I was going to just pass on that trooper since I didn’t feel I really needed one, but after reading your review it got some gears in my head turning and now I want one.

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