AICN Contributor discusses G.I. Joe: Retaliation screening on radio show tonight!

Well, I gotta admit, this is way past my bedtime, but I’m hoping maybe someone might want to take one for the team here…  tonight, “Hercules”, a representative from Aint It Cool News will be recording a radio show entitled “Ask Dr. KERN”.

Hot on the heels of the delay of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Hercules will apparently be talking tonight to someone who actually saw one of the initial screenings for G.I. Joe: Retaliation!  I would assume they will be talking up the details and hopefully getting to the bottom of things…was the film really bad, or is it just a competition type of thing?

The show airs from 8:00pm Pacific through 10:00pm Pacific tonight, so I’m counting on some GeneralsJoes readers to tune in and report!  You can listen to the show live at so I’m hoping someone might want to check it out and write down some notes.

If you do get some intel, please feel free to email it in to me and I’ll get a story posted about it!  I’m dying to hear more information about the screening and its potential positives and negatives, but I don’t see myself making it through 1:00am Eastern tonight, so any assistance would be great.

Or heck, if you just want to listen yourself, check it out, and the full details can be found on AICN itself.  A  big thanks to Russ Sheath for the heads up!

3 thoughts on “AICN Contributor discusses G.I. Joe: Retaliation screening on radio show tonight!

  1. What spoilerish details I gleaned from the 3 minutes “Caller X” was on the show are below.

    What the interview stressed more than anything was that the movie feels like it’s already had a series of re-shoots. Ninja battles and Joe Colton all seem like afterthoughts. Destro has an in-tube cameo before being pulled out of the film with a corny one-liner. No character development takes place. Roadblock doesn’t seem concerned that his daughters think he’s dead. Jinx is in the movie as some sort of place holder. The PIT doesn’t exist anymore for some reason. There is not any real international cooperation before or after the extermination.

  2. The director knows what this movie needs to be great! A dance off between Roadblock and Cobra Commander. The studio is holding him back and the film will fail because of it. BASTARD’S!

  3. so if its that damn bad…..why pump more money into it? just quietly drop the bitch on dvd & blu………….holy shit, i mayve just stumbled upon something.

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