Will Ryan and Carded Footloose confirmed for 2012 G.I. Joe Convention

Registration has been live for just over 24 hours now and we have news of a new guest, and a new exclusive!

Will Ryan will be making an appearance at the Convention, which we actually first learned when the Brochure was revealed.  Mr. Ryan, of course, was the voice for Footloose in the Sunbow animated series.  As expected as well, thanks to a Tweet from the GIJoe Collectors Club Twitter feed, we also now know for sure that they will have carded Footloose figures available at the convention!

Limits have not yet been revealed, but let’s hope there are enough to go around.

The GIJoeCon.com website does not mention the carded Footloose figure yet (that I can see), but I have mirrored an image of the Tweet below.

4 thoughts on “Will Ryan and Carded Footloose confirmed for 2012 G.I. Joe Convention

  1. Why didn’t they just fill in the second spot after Neil once he was announced? Will was announced in the brochure. I was hoping for a 3rd. Nice to get confirmation on the carded Footloose figures that will sell for $150 minimuim on eBay this year.

  2. pardon my ignorance….does a carded footloose mean that club feetlooses that are on ebay are going to drop in price? or increase? (i assume its a drop)
    i was hoping to sacrifice footloose to put towards the FSS.

  3. I wouldn’t expect it. All you need to do is search eBay for Collectors Club Dial Tone to see that it did not have that effect last year.

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