G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys released in Canada!

Thanks to HissTank member Nighthawk who sends along the following message…

“Retaliation toys are being released today in Canada and there will be NO restock until closer to movie. 
Here’s some tidbits:
CC is the black version
Joe Trooper has the brown helmet and cape

Singles: $10.99 each
Dojo sets: $29.99 each
AWE Striker and Fangboat: $14.99 each
HISS and Ghosthawk: $21.99 each”

These were all apparently found at a Candian Toys “R” Us, so Canadian Joe Collectors, have at ’em!!

10 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys released in Canada!

  1. Hurm going there tommorow and Monday for the day they are supposed to be released so i’ll see what happens

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  3. those prices look pretty much on par….except for those dojo sets….$30…wow.

    when i found them at TRU two weeks ago for $20 a set….the clerk told me to get them before the price goes up. he really felt that it was some sort of pricing mistake.

  4. Found both Dojo 3-pack sets at TRU in SoCal today – $19.99 each. They had a Duke there as well, but I passed. Glad I get ’em if they aren’t gonna be restocked. They had some other vehicles as well (The Ghost-Hawk and some Ninja Dune-Buggies) but I passed.

  5. Minor correction.

    “AWE Striker and Fangboat: $14.99 each”
    They are actually $16.99.

    $14.99 is for the cycles.

  6. Thanks for the tip Justin. I cleaned up this morning. I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and today I scored all of the single carded figures(I left Duke behind), both ninja 3-packs, Firefly with his bike, The Hiss tank, the Cobra Fang Boat and the Ninja Commando 4×4. Great haul.

  7. Retaliation figures out at TRU in Dallas, TX. I picked up essentially everything, except that awful Roadblock. There are black and blue Cobra Commanders available. I went to three different TRUs and some of them had different vehicles. I ended up picking up 2 Ghost Hawks, HISS tank, Awe strikers and Fangboats, and also the 3-packs. No sightings at Target, but I asked and they do have them in the store, just waiting to put them out I guess.

  8. I went to 4 different TRU in the Dallas area today hoping to find the Ninja Showdown set. No luck. Only two of the stores had received any, and those two had been picked over pretty well, mostly vehicles and masks left.
    I’m tempted to pre-order it from their website, but since it’s listed as a Pre-order I’m not convinced it will actually be shipped until next year.

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